Interior Paint Colors

Best Interior Paint Colors – Discover How to Choose Them

Best Interior Paint Colors are one of the most effective ways of giving dynamism and personality to spaces. But the passage of time brings with it an inevitable deterioration of what was once brilliant, and the painting of our house does not escape this logic.

It is estimated that every 3 or 4 years we must renew it so that the walls and ceilings recover their splendor. If this is your case or if you want to modernize your rooms, we will tell you which are the most fashionable colors of paint for interiors that you can take to your different spaces.

What Is the Best Paint for Interiors

When choosing the type of paint and the colors it is good to keep in mind that the wear and tear on the colors also depends on the people living in the house and the type of life they lead.

If there are small or large dogs, the walls will get dirtier, so it is good to consider more washable and resistant options.

It is also important to adapt the choice to the particularities of each environment. The use of the kitchen is not the same as that of the living room, or if a space has more or less light or ventilation, which are factors of wear and tear and discoloration.

Types of Interior Paints

The most important thing for good results is to choose the right paint. While some can be applied to different surfaces, there are others that are not suitable for every use. Let’s see what types of paints there are and how to choose them to decorate the interior of a house:

Base paint:

This is a very economical paint and is used as a preparation for the surfaces. When applied, it softens and smooths the walls, achieving a better finish.


It has an acrylic polymer base that gives it elasticity, resistance, adherence and certain water-repellent conditions, convenient characteristics to resist the passing of time and the different conditions of use.


Highly reflective, washable and water resistant finish


They have a silkier finish, pleasant to the eye and touch. It is a durable paint against dirt and the passage of time. It is easily washable.


It is opaque and does not reflect light. It hides well the flaws of the walls (ideal for old and irregular walls). Although it is washable, it is less washable than the satin finish. It is more economical and requires less wall preparation.

One-coat paint:

One-coat paints are ideal for colored walls, since one coat covers the wall and the tone is even. It is a product with great covering power, which also acts by preventing dirt and stains from adhering easily. The brushstrokes are not noticeable, even if applied in different directions.

Interior Colors

Light affects the perception of color and how color, in turn, affects our perception of space. This is critical when decorating and furnishing our home. It is important to use color according to the profile we want to give to a room. And also considering the furniture and objects we will use in that room. Therefore, when choosing colors for walls we must consider some points.

Pale Shades

Pale colors, which contain a large amount of white, reflect light and scatter it around them. These light shades hide the putty or coating that can be applied to make the surface ready for painting. However, more coats are needed to achieve this.

Dark Shades – Best Interior Paint Colors

Dark colors, on the other hand, are more enveloping and absorb more light. They also make the cracks in old walls more visible. However, they better camouflage the repairs made to them. These tones can be combined using light neutral colors on furniture, floors and other decorative elements. That creates a delicate contrast with dark walls.

Color Combinations

Another possibility is to combine colors on walls. For example, a natural palette, which generates a combination of colors using shades of blue, green and beige, also provides a lot of serenity, as it is inspired by nature.

A good way to decorate is to use orange, combining it with grey. As this is a neutral color, it complements orange perfectly, giving us the possibility of creating contemporary spaces, with a metallic touch thanks to the grey color.

Another interesting combination is that of blue with different shades of grey. These can help us to create very peaceful and relaxing environments. These colors are the right ones to transform any space in our house into a sanctuary. The bedrooms and bathrooms, which are private spaces, can be converted with these shades, into a perfect refuge from the outside world.

Special Paints for Interiors

The function of paint is not only to beautify but also to protect the surfaces from the attacks of various agents that are in the environment. Therefore, in order to choose the right interior paint, it is necessary to analyze not only its aesthetic contribution, but also its technical characteristics. And in particular, the area of the house where it is to be painted. Let’s look at some special cases:

In Bathrooms and Wet Areas

Due to the constant humidity of the environment in these spaces, it is advisable to use waterproof products. On the other hand, as humidity favors the growth of fungi, it is advisable to apply an anti-fungal paint that reduces the possibility of their proliferation.

This type of paint has special additives that prevent the growth of fungi, something very common in kitchens and bathrooms. It is a common property in many plastic or acrylic paints, but not all of them have it. They can be used to paint walls and ceilings, avoiding the unpleasant stains that usually appear because of condensation.

Tile Paint – Best Interior Paint Colors

To change the image of the kitchen without incurring great expenses, an interesting option is to give the tiles a new color. As it is a very smooth surface and practically without porosity, the product that is applied must be specially formulated for this type of material.

For this work, you can use synthetic enamel for ceramic surfaces or also synthetic enamel with a ceramic finish. Its main characteristic is the type of ultra-shiny and super washable finish that allows it to imitate ceramic perfectly.

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