What is the Best Paint for Interior Walls in 2020

Paint, it is hard to imagine what a beautiful home would look like without the best interior wall paints. Paint has been with us from the earliest civilizations.

And over the years, its contents have improved from simple mix of colored clay and pigments. Today, any decent paint you get will consist of pigments, solvent, resin, and additives.

Each of those components is added to give the wall paint some protective or cosmetic quality. And just like everything else that roles out of a factory, quality control matters.

Too much of a particular paint additive or too little of it, can easily ruin a batch of wall paint.

Which are the Best Interior Wall Paints in 2020?

So what is the best interior paint for your interior walls, ceiling, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even your washroom? You have to agree that it getting harder each day to get the right paint for your home or even office.

It appears manufacturers have conspired to make bad paints. It is hard to find interior that will look great past their second or third year.

It is common to see paint peeling, cracking, or simply lose is sheen.

Moreover, even the prices can be quite confusing as to which is really the best paint. You have some brands giving you a gallon of paint for five bucks, while others go for $20.

So how do you choose the best paint, and which brands are the best? Well, that is what this guide will help you find out. Read on to find out more.

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Interior Paints 2020

Without further ado, let us look at the best paints you can use to make your home look great in 2020 and beyond. Remember to share your findings with family and friends. Happy painting!

1. Best Interior Paint 2020 – Benjamin Moore Regal Select

Benjamin Moore Regal Select ReviewWhen searching for the best interior paint, your local store will provide you with lots of options.

However, for you to make the right choice, you need to find the best paint, which will give you many options to ensure your walls look the best.

That is why you should opt for Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior Paint.

It offers homeowners, professional painters and contractors diverse paint selections in the market. The Regan Select will do a great job when it comes to covering both white and black surfaces.

It’s a versatile paint, that is 100% ACRYLIC, resin-based, and it is easy to apply on wall and ceiling surfaces.

It’s also ideal for touch up and additional coat jobs as you perfect the final looks. Once the Regal Select interior paint is dry, it will harden into a mildew resistant, durable and easy to clean surface.

You can choose from matte, eggshell, flat, semi gloss and pearl finishes to determine the amounts of shine that your walls will have in any room.

This paint is a primer and rubber in one, meaning less effort and work. It’s also Zero VOC rated, ensuring its light on fumes.

Many painters prefer The Regal Select Paint due to its durability, color selection, clean-ability and coverage. It’s easy to work with, which means even non-professionals will find it handy.

Regal Select may not be cheap, but unlike other expensive paints, it lasts longer, looks better and applies in fewer coats than cheaper brands.

For over 50 years, consumers have trusted Benjamin Moore paints as a result of their quality.

With the Regal Select interior paint, you will benefit from the high-performance resin and the latest technology from Benjamin Moore’s Gennex colorant.

This interior paint applies smoothly and easily, ensuring you get beautiful results every time you paint.

2. BEHR Premium Plus – Best Budget Interior Wall Paint

BEHR Premium Plus ReviewOne job that can be hard on the nose is painting, depending on the room you’re painting and how well it’s ventilated.

That’s why we recommend you use some protective gear when painting with different many types of paints, to mitigate risks of toxic fumes.

In the case that you want to avoid any health complications, you should look for a low or zero VOC paint. The BEHR Premium (ZERO VOC) paint is one great choice you should consider.

It ensures your family, pets and yourself enjoy a toxic-free painting experience. It provides you with a non-toxic finish to any surface at home that’s unprepared.

The BEHR Premium Plus is self-priming, which means you don’t have to spend precious time on complex preparation routines before you begin painting.

Instead of that, all you have to do is put your roller or brush into the paint and begin your work. The paint will dry to an excellent semi-gloss finish, and when exposed to sunlight, will resist fading.

Remember it’s a water-based paint, which means that it will dry fast and is naturally low odor.

Using this paint, you will avoid or minimize any potential complications. When dry or wet, this paint is scrubbable and washable.

The BEHR Premium Plus is the best option for you if you’re looking for something that is easy and fast to clean up as while you’re painting your home’s walls.

It has moisture and mold resistant properties, which makes one good choice. If you want a variety of colors, you can mix this Zero (VOC paint) with different pigments to several shades of pastel, off-white and medium colors.

The BEHR Premium paint will ensure you get the best painting results.

Remember it’s a low odor product, which means it’s another great choice when it comes to taking care of your interior wall. It seals both previously painted and uncoated surfaces to come up with a finish that resists stains, moisture, mildew and stands up to scrubbing.

3. RUST-OLEUM Best Interior Wall Paint – Mold and Mildew Proof

RUST-OLEUM Best Interior Paint ReviewOne of the best ways to enhance the value of your home is by protecting it from damage, which is why you need to use the RUST-OLEUM Interior Paint.

It kills all existing mildew, mold and disease-causing bacteria, which means that it protects your walls and property.

It’s ideal for dealing with stains that have been caused by leaking water. For the best outcome, you should let the mold killing prime to dry before using a Zinsser (stain blocking) primer.

The RUST-OLEUM Interior Paint is water-based and provides your walls with a protective covering. That means it’s the best choice if your walls have fungi, moss, mold or odor-causing bacteria.

This primer contains a microbial, which is registered by EPA to prevent the growth of these organisms.

Another function of this primer is covering any residual fugal and microbiological stains. Make sure you spray it directly over the mold to eliminate them.

Mold growth leads to extensive damage to your home’s walls. The best solution for dealing with it is by choosing the RUST-OLEUM Interior Paint, which prevents further growth.

It works perfectly, and you don’t have to clean the mold. Moreover, you can even use it in your bathroom, since it’s an area that experiences lots of leaks.

Other products may leave your room appealing, but it’s rare to find a paint which leaves your room looking good and eliminates mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria.

This paint is especially ideal for individuals who are sensitive to mildew and mold. It works well as marketed, ensuring you get value for your money and ensures you avoid health problems.

It may be imported, but you’ll be sure to get the best service.

This paint is safe for use in homes with pets and kids. If you’re searching for the best paint to bind metal, masonry or chalky siding, you should choose the RUST-OLEUM paint.

4. SHERWIN WILLIAMS – Best Budget Wall Paint

SHERWIN WILLIAMS Best Wall Paint ReviewThe SHERWIN WILLIAMS Economy paint is another product you should consider when searching for the best interior wall paint.

It’s a budget-friendly product, which means it’s the best choice for you if you’re looking for an inexpensive product to update your rooms with lighter (pastel colors).

This economy paint is ideal for residential and professional painting jobs that require you to use products that can hide imperfections, easy to apply and provide you with good touch up.

Remember that many products in the market promise you the best, but deliver minimum results.

It’s ideal for use on your ceilings and walls. You can also use it on drywall or wallboard, brick, masonry, primed metal, wood and wallpaper, meaning it’s a versatile product.

You can re-coat it within 4 hours and since it dries fast (30 minutes).

Depending on texture and porosity of the surface you’re using, this paint can cover approximately 400 square feet for every gallon, providing you with the best returns for your investment.

It’s easy to clean using soap and water, ensuring that you avoid messy painting projects. You’ll be painting the inside of your home, which means you need a safe product.

This paint ensures you have a safe painting experience with no possible side effects.

When you compare this product with others in the market, what you get is a budget-friendly product that offers you the best service. Your walls and ceilings will look amazing, thanks to this economy paint.

Whether you’re looking forward to carrying out a commercial or residential painting project, you should consider purchasing this amazing paint.

It comes in a pail package and can be applied using an airless sprayer, synthetic roller cover or with a nylon brush. Make sure you follow the recommended ways of using this paint for the best outcome.

For instance, you should only use as an economical choice for jobs that need products which offer easy application.

5. Rust-Oleum Ultra-Matte Interior Chalked Wall Paint

Rust-Oleum Ultra Paint ReviewRust-Oleum Chalked Paint provides you with an original finish, which reminds one of old (chalkboards) while remaining beautiful looking.

It’s the perfect option for retro design and mid-century styles which need to bring back some feeling of the past without necessarily looking old.

Rust-Oleum (Ultra Matte Paint is the best size for projects, which involve painting individual accent or single room walls.

It’s a latex-based and low odor paint, which is easy to brush on.

That makes it ideal for covering surfaces such as edges and trims, which can be challenging. For instance, one can cover up 150 square feet effectively and dries within half an hour.

In addition, the low odor and latex formula makes this paint easy to clean up using water and soap. It means you’ll save yourself time when it comes to cleaning up.

You will complete projects fast, thanks to its one coat coverage.

With minimum preparation, this paint provides you with easy application and adhesion, qualities that many painters look for. It dries to smooth finish which is ultra-matte velvety.

It provides you with an ultra-flat finish, meaning the dry paint will reduce or minimize any imperfections on the surface that exist, resulting in a smooth look for any wall.

Beyond your interior walls, you can also use the Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint on surfaces such as wood, metal, plaster and masonry.

This paint is even available in a spray can. One thing you will like about this paint is that it’s easier to distress while the paint goes on easily.

Overall, it dries fast and very matte, similar to many chalk paints. The Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint is also available in a Chalked Decorative Glaze and spray version for antiquing, enabling you to get excellent value for money.

This product is easier to work with and provides you with good coverage, meaning faster completion of projects.

6. Soto Paint Touch Up Best Ceiling and Wall Paint 2020

Soto Paint Touch Up ReviewThe Soto Paint Touch Up comes in a simple composition which makes it easy to use.

Among the included items is a brush tip (mess-free) which ensures you enjoy easy repairs and touch-ups.

In addition, you can also store it for later use. This interior paint needs only a few coats since it’s a paint plus primer, saving painting costs and time.

The result is you enjoy fast repairs, which cover scuffs, nicks, scratches and wear on almost all interior surfaces with fewer coats.

It’s a versatile paint, which is ideal for use on several interior surfaces. They include ceiling, walls, windows, paneling. and interior furniture, ensuring you get value for money.

The soto PAINT TOUCH UP is ideal for use in homes with kids and pets. That’s because it’s non-toxic, ultra low odor, zero VOC and solvent free, which makes it safe for individuals that are sensitive to chemicals.

If you want to give your walls a facelift, you should consider using the Soto touch up paint since it makes the process easier and fast. That means you’ll save yourself time and money.

This paint enables you to avoid the pain that comes with using messy brushes, annoying paint cans, and laborious cleanups and dried out paint.

This paint is the best option for refreshing your rental, business or home.

Remember that as a painter, beginner or professional, you want an interior wall paint that is easy to apply and long-lasting. The Soto interior paint dries up in less than one hour.

Make sure you wait for four weeks before you subject the surface to normal wear, which includes cleaning with mild detergents and exposure to high humidity.

It comes in nine shades of white that match 90% of interior white walls, doors, trim and cabinets. However, you should ensure you use in areas that experience low traffic for the best outcome.

7. Magnamagic Magnetic Paint – Best Magnetic Wall Paint

Magnamagic Magnetic Paint ReviewIf you’re searching for the best interior wall paint that has magnetic paint additive in it, you should choose the Magnamagic Receptive Wall Paint.

It will turn your walls in the most amazing and attractive spaces. Remember you want your home to look appealing, meaning you need to purchase quality wall paints.

You can use any type of paint once you’ve applied the Magnamagic receptive wall paint and ready for the top coat.

This Receptive Wall Paint is low VOC, non-hazardous and child safe, making it safe for use in homes with children and pets.

In the case that you’re sensitive to chemicals as a painter, you should consider purchasing this excellent and safe paint.

The Magnetic Wall Paint is one innovative and easy solution to for transforming your interior walls, for example, in the office or home into creative, fun and receptive surfaces.

It rolls with ease on any flat surface, meaning you enjoy your painting moments.

This paint dries fast and is not messy, which are qualities any painter will love. When mixing it, you’ll encounter no problems, the result being you complete your projects faster.

For the best outcome when using this product, you should make sure you sand the wall. Another thing you should do is concentrate the paint in areas where you intend to use magnets.

For example, if you don’t need to paint up the edge or corner you should feather out the edge and apply additional coats on the center.

This product covers 25 square feet for every quart and can be used along with chalkboard paint. It’s one excellent product that you should consider buying if you’re looking forward to making your walls attractive.

Remember its also ideal for use in homes with children and pets since its non-toxic. Make sure you follow the exact instructions when applying. You should avoid trying to add more square feet than the instructions say.

8. Annie Sloan Chalk Interior Wall Paint

Annie Sloan is a fantastic decorative paint for your home’s interior walls, floors and cabinets. Since 1990, this brand has been providing customers with an amazing product that’s easy to use.

It requires minimal sanding or priming, ensuring you finish your painting fast.

It offers excellent adhesion to several surfaces; for example, laminate, wood, metal and concrete, meaning you will find it versatile.

This paint provides you with a superior coverage, is non-toxic and water-based, qualities that should make you consider purchasing it. That means you get value for your money.

Moreover, it’s easy to clean up and quick drying with an ultra-matte (velvety) finish.

This brand provides you with endless opportunities since it offers you 36 mix colors or premixed colors. That means you can create smooth, washed or textured finishes.

For a vintage look, you can choose layer or distress colors.

In the case that you’re using this product for indoor projects, it’s recommended that you finish with chalk paint wax. Developed by Annie Sloan, this chalk paint is a unique decorative paint.

It can offer you great results and it is ideal for use on interior walls, floors and furniture.

This product will adhere to most surfaces, giving you the ability to paint it fast for one textured finish. You can also choose to dilute it if you want a smooth finish or add more water to create a stain or for a washed look.

If you want to get creative, you should purchase this product.

The perfect complement to this decorative paint is CHALK PAINT wax. You can use it for durability and protection and also provide you with a mellow finish from painted walls, cabinets and furniture.

This amazing chalk paint is easy to apply, has no odor and doesn’t show brush marks. That means it’s the best product to use in homes with children and pets. It also provides you with a smooth and perfect finish.

9. KILZ – Best Interior Exterior Floor Paint

KILZ Floor Paint ReviewWhen searching for the best Interior or Exterior wall paints, you need one that’s highly durable, resistant to cracking, fading scuffing and peeling in changing conditions.

That is why you should choose the KILZ Floor Paint. This product features a mildew resistant film, which means that it can windstand wet conditions.

The KILZ Interior/Exterior Floor Paint is acrylic and provides you with an enamel surface (low lustre). It is formulated to last on porch, patio and deck siding in addition to floors during extreme weather conditions.

It’s ideal for all previously painted and primed surfaces that include masonry and wood. You can also use it on siding, trellises and trim.

This floor paint provides you with a finish (low-lustre) that applies even and smoothly on surfaces, which are in silver gray. It dries fast, that’s within one hour.

On smooth surfaces, one gallon of KILZ Exterior Floor Paint will cover 300-400 square feet while on the rough surfaces it will cover 200-300 square feet. That means you will get the best value for your money.

For the best outcome, you should apply this paint with an airless sprayer, a nylon/polyester brush or 3/8 to 1/2-inch nap roller cover, which should be of high quality.

Remember it’s advisable that you use the right brush if you want to get the best results from your painting.

One of the reasons, why this paint stands out is that it works well in a patio and holds strong. It’s easy to clean, meaning you will have peace of mind that messy cleanups are a thing of the past.

The paint is thick an gives you good coverage, that’s in addition to drying up fast.

You’ll complete your projects fast, enabling you to sit and watch the amazing results. For many years, KILZ has been producing amazing paints and primers.

With the KILZ multipurpose Floor Paint, you will get the best value for your money.

10. Glidden One Coat – Best Interior Paint Brand

 Glidden Budget Interior Paint ReviewThe Glidden Interior Paint and primer comes with a unique hide and stain block, which ensures you require fewer coats if you want to hide annoying stains.

The result being your walls look appealing and beautiful. This paint enables you to keep your walls washable.

It offers you exceptional “washability” and “scrubbability,” which means that if anything happened to get on the finish, it can handle the scrubs to get the object off.

The beautiful black and grey colors have been chosen by experts, enabling the Glidden Interior Paint to be ideal for use in any room in your house.

The Glidden Interior Paint (one coat) is also available on over 300 paint colors (premium curated), which have been chosen by color experts.

That means you can have peace of mind that your next painting job will be rewarding. This Glidden Interior Paint is low odor and low VOC, enabling you to paint with less stress and minimum disruption to your daily routine.

On the other hand, if your home has kids or pets, the best paint for you should be the Glidden Interior.

The Glidden One Coat Paint/Primer is perfect for use in any room in your home. For instance, you can choose to use it in your nursery, bedroom, bathroom or the kitchen.

That means it’s a versatile product. One amazing fact about this paint is that it covers well with just one coat.

For instance, if you have a patched and stained wall, you should use this product. It dries fast, meaning less disruption to your daily routine.

This acrylic paint is one super premium product that ensures you enjoy a one coat coverage. You’ll save time and money if you purchase this product.

With the hide and stain block, you’ll need fewer coats to hide stains, which means you’ll make your walls look beautiful. This paint can withstand frequent cleanings.

Overall, you should consider using this product if you want to spend less effort and enjoy one coating of painting.

Choosing the Best Interior Wall Paints

When buying the Best Paints for Interior Walls, you should check their coverage, durability, color selection and “clean-ability.” Whether you’re a professional or beginner painter, you want a paint which is easier to work with.

As the above reviews show, you have plenty of choices, the Regal Select being the best in our view.

When you compare it with other expensive paints, you will find that it lasts longer, applies in fewer coats and looks better, meaning it offers you the best value for your money.

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