what kind of paint to use on plaster

What Kind of Paint to Use on Plaster – Best Paint for Plaster Walls

If you are searching for what kind of paint to use on plaster, then this article is for you! Painting the ceilings is very similar to painting interior walls, but with a few more issues to consider.

First, there is a difference between those that are new without paint, from those that already have previous coats of paint. You should realize that both will have different treatments. We will divide them into new ceilings, and with previous paintings.

Best Paint for Plaster Walls

When choosing the best paint for plaster walls, the best option is an interior latex or plastic paint. They are available at different prices and qualities.

Prestige Paint is one of the greatest latex paints you can get on Amazon, with a wide range of hues to select from.

Rust-Oleum is another great option that can be found on Amazon, and it comes in a wide variety of colors as well.

Kilz for interior and exterior is one of the best latex paints you can buy, and it’s also inexpensive. It is perfect for those who want quality without spending a lot of money.

New Ceilings

If the plaster is new, you should remove impurities with a large spatula but without damaging it. Then, you should apply a coat of sealant or primer even before repairing cracks and imperfections.  Never sand the plaster if you have not applied paint yet. That is because the scratches, which are caused by the sanding, will stand out when applying the paint and will be very difficult to remove.

On ceilings made of other materials such as plasterboard, MDF or MDF, you can go over joints, repair imperfections and fixing screws, all before the primer coat. Once, through sanding, you have leveled and smoothed the surface, you are now ready for the corresponding coats of sealer and paint.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Plaster: Ceilings with Previous Paints

Ceiling Molding

Perhaps, if the layers of old paint are too much, or there is moisture on the ceiling, blisters or “peeling” will form, and you will have to remove them with a spatula. There will probably also be small stains that you will have to remove with water and detergent. They include fungus, smoke or mold. If you fail to remove them, they will come out again after painting.

Preparing the Surface

If you apply sealant to new ceilings, or you clean up old ones, it’s time to repair any cracks and holes that they may have. You can use a spatula and the corresponding material. After that, you will have to sand the patches and the whole ceiling one by one so that the paint will adhere. That is only if they are already painted. Then, you should finally remove the dust with a brush.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Plaster:  The Paint to Choose

Colors or “White”

Usually, you paint the ceilings white because it gives clarity to the room, and gives the feeling of a wide or high ceiling. This color is best for for small apartments. Obviously, you can use other colors of your choice to match the walls, floor, and furniture.

The “WHITE” should not be pure, we must “dirty” it by adding in very little amount black and ocher toners, creating a broken white color. This will help to cover more easily the previous paintings with input of hands.

The Painting

It’s hard when you’re inexperienced with the brush and roller to paint up. That is because you’ll end up getting your hands dirty with paint. However, after a few minutes you’ll take control of the tools.

Conclusion: What Kind of Paint to Use on Plaster

The number of coats will depend on whether the ceiling is new or old, and if it was very dark or has a different color. Usually, you can apply  2 or 3 coats until the ceiling is covered, but there may be more. Let the paint dry between coats according to the instructions on the packaging.

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