House Painting Colors

House Painting Colors – Discover the Best Suggestions

Are you searching for the best house painting colors? Painting a house is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to give a new face to your home.

For instance, if you paint the walls with a well-chosen color, which matches the furniture and the shade of the furniture, you can radically transform any room in your home. From the living room to the kitchen, here are the best ideas to use.

House Painting Colors

Painting your home is not a very complex job, and if you do not have great demands and do not want special techniques, you can also do it yourself. If not, you have to contact a professional painter, and you will minimize or prevent painting mistakes.

Further, you can ask for advice on colors, paints, and painting techniques for each individual room. In the meantime, we will reveal the most popular colors for each room in the house.

A house that has a uniform appearance is more pleasing to the eye. However, it is also true that each room has its own peculiarities, so it is good to choose the right color for each room.

Living Room Colors

There is only one rule to follow when preparing to paint your living room. This rule is that the color you choose should match the style of the environment as much as possible. If you have chosen a classic living room, for example, your walls will certainly not have too bright colors or pop patterns.

The ideal color for a classic living room is white, which enhances the wooden furniture, and gives light and space to the environment. Wood and white immediately create a feeling of warmth.

Alternatively, you can opt for beige or pastel yellow. Also, dove grey remains a popular color for the living room walls this year.

Scandinavian living room? Here too we recommend white – “total white”. Modern living room? Create an attractive ambience using two colors, where one of the two will be white for at least one of the walls.

If, on the other hand, you have a contemporary living room on the pop side, you can opt for strong, bold colors. If it’s more post-industrial, it’s better to play with shades of grey.

House Painting Colors – Bedroom and Children’s Room Colors

The funniest rooms in the house to paint are the bedrooms, especially the children’s ones, where you can play with colors and patterns. But let’s start with the master bedroom, where you sleep. In recent years, the use of lavender for the bedroom walls has become very widespread.

It’s a color that looks like it will be in fashion for a long time to come. Lavender, in fact, creates a fresh and fun environment, and gives a feeling of relaxation. It is a pleasure to fall asleep surrounded by a color that immediately brings to mind images of Provencal meadows.

Here too, there is a rule, which is  to match the color to the style of the furnishings. However, the choice of bedroom color is something very personal and can go beyond all sorts of constraints. The only advice, regardless of the color chosen, is to opt for a pastel shade.

The reason is you do not want to tire your eyes. A winning idea is the stencil decoration, perhaps at the height of the headrest of the bed, or on the upper edge of the walls.

Children’s Room Colors

The children’s bedroom has always been painted blue for boys and pink for girls. This room actually gives you the chance to play with the colors more than any other room. Also, you should try not to use bright shades, but only pastel colors.

A good choice of color can also help the children to sleep, by giving them peace of mind. Going beyond the trivial divisions of sex, the best colors for the little ones in the house are pastel yellow and ivory.

The great thing about the kids’ room is that you can play with the colors and fantasies. Moreover, you can use fun, funny stencils, and stickers. They include depictions of animals or characters from their favorite cartoons.

Color Kitchen Walls

In the kitchen, as for the children’s room, you can let your imagination run wild and play with the stencil technique. The latest trend is to use the stencil to write food-themed words on the free walls of the kitchen.

This is different if it is an open space with the walls all occupied by wall units. Here you just have to choose a good color that you will not get tired of. Moreover, you should make sure it fits perfectly with your furniture style, and with the living room, of which it is part.

Yellow, for example, is a good choice for the kitchen if you furnish it with wooden furniture. If it is a modern and very colorful kitchen, it is better to leave the walls totally white. Further, you can play only with the geometric patterns of the tiles.

You may have a modern open space kitchen, bright and cheerful, with small bookcase inserted in the island. If so, can opt for white walls combined with light wood floor and gray furniture.

Color Bathroom Walls

The bathroom is not always given the same attention as the other rooms in the house. However, you should keep in mind that it is often the bathroom that is our business card with our guests. Don’t leave anything to chance, not even in this room, especially in terms of tiles and wall color.

As in the other rooms of the house, the colors to use can vary according to the style of the bathroom. For example, the classic one finds the combination of white and blue.

On the other hand, the trendy colors for a modern bathroom are neutral shades. They include white, beige, cream, or dark tones such as monochromatic grey, dove grey, mocha or blue.

Regardless of the color you choose, always take care to use an anti-mildew agent. Alternatively, use a paint directly to prevent it from spilling. The bathroom, in fact, is the one room where most humidity is concentrated.

This humidity turns into yellow stains on the walls, or in the worst cases into mold in the corners of the ceiling. Mold can be easily counteracted as long as preventive action is taken.

Conclusion – House Painting Colors

These are just some of the trends in terms of colors, but remember that you are going to paint the house where you are going to live. So as well as being trendy, the colors should look and reflect your soul and that of your home.















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