How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home Interior

How to Choose Colors For Home Interior – The Best Guide

Are you searching for the best guide on how to choose colors for home interior? Choosing the best colors for the walls of your home is always a difficult task.

For example, you have to find the right color and shade to match your furniture, and at the same time preserve your style. Moreover, you need to give a touch of design to every single room.

Further, you have to take into account the spatiality of the rooms, and the goodness and necessity of lighting. Another thing you need to consider is the influence that each color and shade has on people’s mood.

Fortunately, we have come up with the best guide to help you make the right decision. It is our hope that you find will a color solution, which matches your home and thoughts.

How to Choose Colors For Home Interior

The Considerations

There are two opposing ways to choose the right colors to paint your home:

The first follows a subjective criterion: It pursues a line of thought that sees the colors that are the result of your personal taste as protagonists. That is without receiving external influences, fashion, trends, and rules on how to paint the walls of the house.

The second follows an objective criterion: The protagonists are the trendy colors, as well as the needs of the building. For example, if a certain room faces north, it will be necessary to choose a warm color. That is because this exposure will imply less light and little natural lighting.

On the other hand, if the room is faces south, and receives the right light, you can be able to lean towards darker, and more unusual cold tones.

Moreover, it is also important to choose the colors for walls while thinking about spaces. For instance, if we have small rooms, you may need to paint them with light colors that amplify the spaces. On the other hand, you can dare with dark walls when the rooms are large, and you do not fear the effect of shrinking.

Also, before you paint the walls, and decide on a certain color of the paints to use, you should factor in two things. They are the destination and use of the environment, because you should not lose sight of the influence of colors on moods.

How to Choose Colors For Home Interior

White Walls

Painting the walls with white gives it brightness and space, so it is always suitable for any type of environment. The variations of white, called dirty whites, such as beige, cream white, honey, and ice white are among the most popular. This color for walls is ideal for use with any type of furnishing and color combination.

Black Walls

The color black represents the absence of color and brightness, and is therefore often best for painting at home. Painting the walls in black is useful when you need a background to highlight elements and emphasize individual details. They include things such as frames, paintings, furniture elements, perhaps lighting them individually with dedicated lighting points.

Grey Walls

Grey, on the other hand, is very popular, and with modern furniture it is easy to match. Thus, it gives the environment style and elegance. You can use grey for the bathroom or living room, and combine it with bright colors such as white, green, yellow, and orange.

How to Choose Colors For Home Interior – Yellow Walls

The yellow color is very bright and eccentric. It is a shade that can acquire cold and warm variations. Moreover, it is perfect when you use it in conjunction with the color grey.

For example, it stimulates concentration and sociability, and is perfect for the studio, kitchen, and living room. Yellow also goes well with wooden furniture or white lacquered furniture.

Red Walls

The red color is a warm color, used in chromotherapy to stimulate the growth activity of red blood cells. It is useful, therefore, in case of anemia. This color has a powerful effect on mood, transmitting liveliness, strength, and energy.

It is perfect to use in transit environments, where you do not stay for a long time.  The reason is in those cases it could make you nervous. You can use the color red to paint the details, or you should combine it with lacquered furniture, white and black.

Pink Walls

Pink is best known as the color to paint the girls’ bedrooms because it conveys a fairy-tale atmosphere. It is especially warm if you put a piece of furniture in wood or white.

You can use pink in its various shades, which range from antique pink to salmon. Moreover, you can use it even for environments of a certain value that recall the antique. For example, you can use it in the living room if you have a bit of furniture, or for playful environments.

How to Choose Colors For Home Interior – Blue Walls

Blue, the color of the sky, is a relaxing color, which you can use to paint the bedroom. In addition, you can combine this color with wooden furniture. Not only that, you can use blue, in its many variants  to paint walls that want to highlight any furnishing elements such as sofas, consoles, and chandeliers.

Indigo walls

With a strong relaxing power, indigo is a multisensory color, symbolizing spirituality and inner awakening. It has the ability to cure depressive and melancholic states. Furthermore, it helps meditation, acting positively on the nervous system, concentration, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Green Walls

Green is a neutral color, considered relaxing and balancing. The position of green in the middle of the spectrum, between the hot and cold ends, makes us better understand its ability to rebalance positive and negative energies. You can use this color to paint kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Violet Walls

The color purple is known as the color of the spirit and in fact, it acts on the unconscious giving spiritual strength and inspiration. This color represents the average value between earth and sky, between passion and intelligence, and between love and wisdom.

It is the perfect choice to paint bedrooms, living rooms, studios, and has many shades that can range from magenta to wisteria and dark purple. Furthermore, you can  combine it with black and white or colored wood furnishings.

Dove Grey Walls

The dove color is a color that gives a strong personality and elegance to the rooms. The turtledove color, which takes its name from the color of turtledove plumage, has entered our homes for some time to establish itself as a neutral shade par excellence, along with white and gray.














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