How To Paint A Wall

How to Paint a Wall the Best Way – The Best Guide

Do you want to know how to paint a wall? Painting the walls of the house is not hard if you know how. Follow our advice and find out how to paint a home wall quickly and easily, even if you’ve never done it before!

With our simple tips on how to paint a wall, you will be able to renovate your apartment or home, while having fun and without much effort. A tip: if you have a partner or friend to share this work with, painting your walls will be even faster and more fun!

How to Paint a Wall

Choose the Right Time to Paint Your Home

A wall painting job, as fast as it can be, will take you some time; consider at least a whole day. So first, choose the right time to paint your house. It will allow you to work calmly and without interruptions.

If you don’t need to paint quickly, you can also decide not to paint the walls all at once. On the contrary, painting the walls, one room at a time, could help you optimize your time and do a good job.

Colors and Sizes

Arm yourself with a meter and take all the measurements of the room and the walls you want to paint. Then, write the measurements on a piece of paper or on your smartphone. That will enable you to have them at hand when you need to buy all the necessary material.

Remember To Note:

  • Height and width of the walls, including the ceiling
  • Length and width of the room floor
  • Nooks and crannies that are inconspicuous
  • The height between the ceiling and your arm stretched upwards

Painting the interior walls of your house with white paint is easier, especially if you are a beginner. But if you want to paint colored walls, you should remember to carefully evaluate the color you are going to choose.

That is according to the furniture of the room, and remember you can always rely on an expert friend or a specialized company.

How to Paint a Wall – Materials You Need For Painting

If you are wondering how to paint the walls of your home DIY, the first thing to start with is the purchase of the necessary material. You can find them in in a DIY store or online. Remember not to forget:

  • A jar of putty
  • Rolls of scotch paper
  • A brush with a round tip
  • A roller with a special tray, grid and extension (possibly keeping in mind the size between the ceiling and your extended arm)
  • A spatula for walls
  • A cellophane sheet large enough to protect well furniture and sofas
  • Latex gloves

Finally, of course, the colors chosen for the walls: in some specialist shops, the shop assistants will be able to show you which colors to choose for beginners.

Remember also to look for old newspapers and various cartons. They will help you to cover the floors better and avoid soiling them more than necessary.

Preparing the Walls for Painting

One of the secrets on how to paint a wall in the best way, without dirtying it is to move furniture and sofas in the middle of the room. Cover everything with cellophane sheets and surround the jambs of windows and doors with paper tape.

Remember the skirting boards and sockets, so as not to dirty them with paint, which is difficult to clean later.

Repair the Walls with Stucco

Remember to plaster a wall before painting. This is an important step to get a job well done. For instance, remove the nails from the wall, fill the holes and imperfections in the wall with the stucco and let it dry. Now you are ready to proceed with the wall painting!

Tips for Painting a Room

Now that you know how to get ready to paint your wall, get comfortable and start painting your room. Dilute the paint, white or colored, as indicated on the package, and start from the most difficult points.

They include the corners and contours, which you should paint with the brush. So, when you are more tired, you will do the easiest job with the roller.

Remember that it is very important not to fill the brush or roller with paint. For the best outcome, dip the brush or roller and pass it several times on its grid to unload the excess color.

One last piece of advice, spread the paint evenly. Start from the ceiling and proceed to areas that are not too large.

Giving the Second Coat Is Fundamental

The last suggestion on how to paint a wall with a brush or roller is to remember to give the second coat. Organize your time so that you spend the first coat in the morning, to give the paint time to dry well.

Then, spread the second coat in the early afternoon. You will get a great result and in one day you will have finished painting your wall.

Conclusion – How to Paint a Wall

As you can see, painting a wall is not so difficult, you just need to arm yourself with patience, good will, and follow our simple advice.

Don’t forget to close all the jars at the end of the painting. In addition, wash the brushes and clean the room well. Now all you have to do is sit on the sofa and enjoy your new whitewashed wall!

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