Type of Paint Do You Use On Kitchen Walls

Kitchen Walls Paint to Use – Read on to Discover Best Types

Why worry about Type of Paint Do You Use On Kitchen Walls? Well, tThe kitchen is a special room, within the universe of our house. It is a multipurpose place where, in addition to cooking, we perform many other daily functions such as eating, living and working.

That’s why we like it to be beautiful at all times. That it is cozy and comfortable.

Although many of the kitchens in our homes are tiled from floor to ceiling, it is increasingly common to see kitchens with painted walls. In these kitchens, ceramic and tiles are limited to risk areas such as the front of the fire and the sink area.

For those of you who want to paint the kitchen walls today we are going to explain some tricks that will help you achieve a professional result.

Choosing the Color to Paint the Kitchen Walls

This question seems easy to solve and when you get into it and get in front of the color chart, you will realize that it is not so easy. To begin with, you may have the idea of giving the walls a bright and intense color, one of those that look beautiful.

However, it is important to consider other factors that influence the choice: is your kitchen bright? Does it receive enough natural light to choose an intense color? Is the space spacious and uncluttered? Or do you have a mini-kitchen?

In any case, the general recommendation is to opt for a neutral, bright and comfortable tone. Enjoy it for a long time to come. Experts recommend not using the color blue to paint the kitchen walls, as it seems to diminish the appetite. However, certain shades of blue can look very elegant on furniture and cupboards.

The Finish Does Matter

You may never have given it much thought. And yet it does. The finish you choose for the painting of the walls is especially relevant when it comes to the kitchen.

Why is that? Because depending on how matt or glossy the paint is chosen, it will be more or less washable. In other words, it will be more or less easy to clean. And it will also get more or less dirty. This aspect becomes a factor to take into account in the kitchen, since it is a space of much use, in which stains are very common.

Now, what is the best finish for painting the kitchen walls? Well, in general terms, the most suitable for this space is satin. It is glossy enough to make it easier to clean, and it is matt enough to hide any small irregularities on the wall.

When classifying paints according to their finish, many manufacturers use a five-degree gloss scale: matt, semi-matt, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss. High gloss paints have a lower proportion of pigments and more binders and resins, giving them a smoother finish that reflects light more.

Matt paints have a higher amount of pigments and are more opaque, dirtier and less cleanable.

Satin paint provides a very elegant finish that is also resistant. If you have small children, it’s the best alternative, especially for painting the walls of the kitchen or bathroom. In any case, choose a quality plastic paint that is washable.

The Tools You Can Use

It’s up to you. You can choose the roller or the paint gun or diffuser. Both options are valid and their use will depend on your preferences. Although there is one aspect that I think is important to highlight. If your kitchen is empty, that is, if you have not yet furnished it, the paint diffuser can help you do the job faster.

However, if you already have the furniture, appliances and other accessories assembled, it is better to opt for the roller. You will get a good result and have to clean less when you are done. Use a brush for the corners and for trimming areas such as skirting boards, windows, roofs, etc.

Now You Can Start Your Work!

When you have decided on all the aspects we have told you before, you can get to work. My advice is to spend as much time as you need to cover and mask all those areas you don’t want to get stained. From closets to window frames to ceiling lights.

You may find that painstaking masking is a waste of time, but it won’t be, believe me. All this time spent will be saved on cleaning up afterwards. I assure you it will be worth it. Once you get to this point, painting the kitchen walls will be a simple task.



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