Painting A Living Room

Painting a Living Room – The Best Colors to Choose

Did you buy a new house or are you just looking for the best tips for painting a living room? Either way, you’ll have to plaster the walls of all the rooms, including the living room.

But how do you choose the right shade? In this article, we will give you fantastic examples of how to paint your living room in a modern style.

Painting a Living Room

The Best Colors to Choose

Whether you decide to paint light shades, white or pastel colors, or if you prefer strong colors, the result will still be spectacular. Let us find out the best choices!

You’ll Never Be Wrong With White

In the fashion world they say that black goes with everything. Likewise, for home furnishings, if you want to play it safe, you opt for white.

Painting the living room in white means opting for a solution that offers an important guarantee: With this color, you are never be wrong.  Finally, let’s not forget that this shade goes well with any type of furniture!

Painting the Living Room in Deep Purple

Purple is a modern and simple style that allows you to dare, to put your creativity to the test. So why not paint the living room a beautiful bright purple?  A shade perhaps not very bright, but certainly original.

Antique Pink

Are you a lover of light colors and delicate tones? Then you could paint your living room in antique pink, a color with a retro look that nevertheless perfectly matches a modern style.

Moreover, this color creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Antique pink, in fact, is a shade able to arouse positive emotions, to relax the soul, and is ideal for the living area!

Painting the Living Room in Lilac

You want a modern living room, and you like the idea of making it cheerful and colorful? No problem! You can always opt for pastel colors, such as beautiful lilac.

Perfect with different shades of wood, and with dark colored furniture, lilac is the ideal color to paint your living room. This shade, in fact, creates an excellent balance between elegance and inspiration, giving originality to the room while keeping it sober and refined.

Cold Colors

The shade used to paint the living room, in this case, is difficult to define: it is a color between grey and light green. A cold color, which in any case makes this living room warm and welcoming.

A paradox? Not at all, if you think about how the color, in this living room, has allowed to create a pleasant contrast with the other white walls and the neutral tone of the sofa.


Ochre is also a good choice to paint the living room. It is a warm color, able to make any environment pleasant and welcoming. A bit like bringing a ray of sunshine straight into your home!

If you like to play with color, painting the living room in two colors can be a wonderful idea to test your creativity.


Another idea from which to draw inspiration to paint the living room in an original way is to opt for shades of blue. Look at this example: the blue walls create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the room, and a large French window connecting the living room to the garden ensures perfect natural lighting.


As with other rooms in the house, the living room can be made more dynamic by plastering only one wall with a different color. For example, painting the living room or just a wall in red gives the room a liveliness, without darkening it.

Of course, red is a warm color and, above all, it is not a restful color. On the other hand, it is a young and cheerful shade, which is well suited to the living area.

Painting a Living Room with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are an excellent choice for painting the living room, because they ensure freshness and brightness to the room, perfectly adapting to any kind of furniture.

Beige, for example, goes very well with white furniture, and with wooden or porcelain stoneware flooring with parquet effect. Neutral tones are therefore, an excellent option for a modern, simple, functional, but very elegant living room.


Plastering the walls of your home with a dark shade can be a very risky choice, especially if your home does not enjoy much natural light. In some cases, however, opting for a “dark” living room can be a great idea. Painting your living room in shades of black is the ideal solution to achieve a refined, retro taste.

Mint Green

As we have seen, pastel colors are a great option to paint the living room in modern style. Besides lilac, pleasant and delicate, mint green is also perfect to give brightness and elegance to the environment. You can also decide to paint a single wall, thus creating a pleasant but sober contrast of colors.


Painting the living room in orange is a wonderful alternative to classic white or neutral shades. On the contrary: by choosing a light-colored sofa, wooden doors, and giving a natural touch thanks to the decorative plants, the orange of the walls enhances the rest of the furniture.

If you want a colorful but refined environment, painting the living room in orange is the right solution for you!

Painting a Living Room with Grey

We conclude with a classic: grey. Elegant and sober, this color will make every room, even the smallest, personal and characteristic. The perfect shade, in every shade, for a modern living room.














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