Wall Colors For Living Room

Wall Colors for Living Room – Incredible Tips to Help You

At some point, you may ask yourself this question: What wall colors for living room are the best? Changing the color of the living room walls can be a winning move.

For example, it can be a quick and cheap solution to refresh the house, without having to change the entire living room.

However, there are some suggestions to keep in mind when preparing to paint the house or in this case the living room. Even if you haven’t changed the decor, the new color of the living room must match the style of the living room. Let us take a closer look at what we mean by “adapting” to the style of the living room.

Wall Colors for Living Room

There is only one solution that will ensure you a good result, whatever the style of your living room: white. White for living room walls is a classic and adapts to all styles. This color is perfect especially in classic living rooms or Nordic style living rooms that are so fashionable today.

With white walls, you can create the most diverse combinations with pictures and photographs, for example. Alternatively, perhaps you can combine it with a single wall in another color.

Ask a professional for advice to see which colors are best suited to white. Another advantage of white is that it immediately adds depth to the room, so it is ideal for small or dimly lit living rooms.

Childproof Living Room Walls

If you have children, painting the walls can be useless. Shortly after finishing the work, you will find yourself a tread on the wall, in the best cases, or a small “work of art” in the worst cases.

There is a solution to this too. Just paint one of the living room walls using washable paint or better still using blackboard paint.

It is a shame to see the walls immediately ruined, but it is also a shame to curb your children’s imagination. This way they will have a wall to dirty at will, and you can clean it at any time. Blackboard painting is a solution adopted by many families who have small children at home.

In addition, this solution is also applied by trendy restaurants that use the “blackboard” wall to write the menu. It is a creative and classy idea, which helps to develop the creativity of children, and also of adults.

Classy Colors for Elegant Living Rooms

You may have a classic living room, where the wooden furniture is the master and matches perfectly with the white walls. However, the white, which you have had for years, has tired you and you now want to change the color of the walls without changing the style of the room.

The right colors in this case are cream, beige or off-white. These three shades are perfect for a classic room with wooden furniture. These are colors that are unlikely to go out of fashion. Further, they are easily available at the time of having to do some retouching.

Alternatives for Modern Walls

You have taken the big step, and have launched yourself towards a totally contemporary, post-industrial and trendy style. If you have dared so much to furnish the entire living room, it will not be a problem to find the color of the walls.

For a post-industrial environment, made of steel and iron details, the best decision would be to choose a shade of grey. Among the most popular shades are certainly the turtledove and the Indian elephant. The latter is a modern color, a meeting between brown and grey, of great visual impact.

Here more than in other cases the advice is to consult a professional painter or a decorator. That is because these are colors of great yield, but very difficult to find in case of retouches.

If the living room has a contemporary style tending more towards pop, with colorful furniture and large paintings on the walls, we recommend you also dare with the color walls. With furniture tending to pop you can easily whitewash the living room with two different colors.

You can mix bright shades, such as orange or green, always trying to maintain a certain balance. A good alternative to such brightly colored walls are decorations and stencils.

Living Room Walls Color – Useful Tips for the Choice of Paints

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to painting the house is the toxicity of paints. In recent years, however, a lot of progress has been made in this area, and it is easy to come across non-toxic paints.

Today’s paints are almost all eco-sustainable. They consist of elements that are not harmful to the environment or even to humans. By using these paints, you can set foot in your living room the same night you paint it because they leave no unpleasant odors.

Wall Colors for Living Room – Paint Your Living Room Yourself Or Rely On A Professional?

Painting the walls of the living room, as well as the other walls of the house, is not such a complicated job. If you have some familiarity in the field, you will be able to do it alone without problems.

On the other hand, those who have no experience can face difficulties to carry out the work well. For this reason, we always recommend contacting a professional painter, especially when it comes to painting the living room.

First, because you will save time. If you you have to paint the living room walls yourself, you will surely end up doing it at the weekend. In addition, you will waste a few hours off work climbing a ladder.

Moreover, a job done in a hurry jeopardizes not only the furniture but also the quality of the finished work. With a professional painter, you can be sure that you won’t run into problems. Most importantly, you will have the living room walls as new within a few hours.


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