Wall Painting Ideas For Home

Wall Painting Ideas for Home – Discover the Best Tips

Are you searching for the best wall painting ideas for home? Wall painting in the interior differs in both appearance and materials. However, these walls have something in common, which we will look at below.

Wall Painting Ideas for Home

Firstly, drawing on the wall to order – You will stay in your apartment or home for a long time, so you should choose the image carefully.

Secondly, with the help of visual tricks, you can visually change the geometry of the room – For example, you can make it higher, wider, or more spacious.

Thirdly, the value of artistic painting walls lies in its uniqueness – Designers recommend decorating a maximum of one side or part of it.

Fourthly, wall decoration should be appropriate – Choose cartoon and fairy tale characters for your children’s bedrooms, still lifes in the kitchen, and landscapes in the living room.

Wall Decoration

  • Drawing on the wall to order
  • Decoration of the wall in the bedroom
  • Modern types and techniques

Today there are several variants of wall painting, and for them, different materials, tools and techniques are used.

Wall Painting Ideas for Home  – Aerography

The main tool of the artist is an airbrush. With the help of an airbrush, a professional can quickly and easily create real masterpieces that amaze with their realism.

Using this method, it is easy to get a flat surface and smooth color transitions without stains. From stylish abstractions and panoramas to portraits in the smallest detail, you can paint any motif with the airbrush.

The only drawback of modern wall painting in the interior is the high cost.

Wall Painting Ideas for Home – Painting with Acrylic Paints

The universal material for wall painting in the interior is acrylic paints. These paints are popular with both professional artists and the public.

They are odorless, easy to apply, quick to dry, and do not burn out in the sun even without protective varnish. Furthermore, they are suitable for all types of surfaces.

Acrylic is suitable for all rooms in the interior – it is environmentally friendly, which is especially good for children’s rooms, and waterproof (after drying, a protective film is formed). This allows you to use the paint in your bathrooms or kitchen.

Using Stencils

If you are planning to paint the interior walls yourself, but you don’t have the skills – use a stencil. Most often they are made in the form of various patterns and ornaments. That means you can easily paint the whole wall.

All you need for a successful art painting  is the stencil itself, paints (often available as a set), a brush or roller, and your accuracy. Then, just apply the template to the ready to paint surface of the wall, go through the paint, and transfer to another place, and so on until the end.

The advantage of this method is not only in simplicity, but also in the final cost. In addition, with its help, you will leave your mark on the walls.

How Does Mural Painting Look In The Rooms?

The type of wall painting in an interior depends primarily on the functionality of the room in which you are going to apply the technique. Consider the rules and ideas for each space.

Wall Painting in the Kitchen

No matter how resistant the paints are, you should avoid painting the surfaces of the sink or stove. Drops of water and grease, as well as temperature drops, will significantly reduce the lifetime of the final masterpiece. Most often in the kitchen, you will choose an area near the dining table or outside the wet area.

The choice of plot depends on your personal preferences:

  • Neutral landscape, panorama, or abstraction will correct the geometry of the room
  • A still life, a view of a cafe, or a restaurant dish will set the right atmosphere

Painting Walls in the Bedroom

Whatever style you decorate your bathroom in, you should remember that this room is primarily a place of rest. Therefore, there should be no aggressive and bright arts, only gentle colors, smooth lines, and  neutral sketches.

The most suitable subjects are flora and fauna, quiet landscapes (without waterfalls and elements), and 3D-panoramas.

If you still prefer more active paintings, just place them behind the headboard of the bed, and plan the arrangement of furniture, so that nothing is reflected in the mirrors. This way you will see the mural, not before bedtime, but only after waking up.

Painting Walls In Living Room

The only room in which there are almost no bans on plot selection is the living room. The main requirement is that the image must match the style and temperament of the entire interior.

The living room most often depicts natural or urban landscape, abstraction, a reproduction of the famous canvas, and portraits of people.

Based on the style, choose as follows:

Firstly, flowering gardens and marinistic landscapes for classic interiors.

Secondly, black and white colors in abstraction go with minimalism.

Thirdly, lavender fields are the best way to blend in with provence.

In The Children’s Room

When decorating a children’s room, every adult has the right to become a child again, and throw away all frames! Most often, we use the brightest colors and unusual stories here. You can paint heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, magic forests and castles, favorite animals, and more.

For wall painting on wallpaper or plaster use organic acrylic paints. That is because unlike oil paints, and any other paints, they are safe and environmentally friendly.

Conclusion – Wall Painting Ideas for Home

The use of wall painting in the entrance hall interior will make this boring space much more interesting. Choose only one most visible side and place on it an abstract canvas or a view of the city with the streets.

As the interior painting itself is an accent, you should not use bright shades in small rooms. Finally, you should keep in mind that it is possible to paint in black and white or in one color.


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