what are the most popular exterior house colors

What Are the Most Popular Exterior House Colors – Outdoor Paint Guide

Are you searching for an informative guide about what are the most popular exterior house colors? Choosing outdoor colors for the home is an important decision. For example, if it is a new coloring, you should consider it during the design phase. It should be consistent with the style of the architectural project and reflect personal taste.

On the other hand, we may be talking about a renovation or remake of the plaster of deterioration. Painting experts advise you to choose the color with respect for the identity of the building and living spaces.

However, it is not always possible to use the colors you would like, for example, if your house is located inside a thick urban fabric or in an old town center. You must make sure that there are no municipal regulations or special regulations regarding the so-called color plan.

What Are the Most Popular Exterior House Colors: How to Choose Outdoor Home Colors

When choosing the external house color of the facades, you need to consider several factors.  For example, you have to keep in mind the type of house to paint and its location. The exterior colors for a beach house cannot be the same as those you would use for a modern house.

Furthermore, it cannot be the same for painting the exterior of a house in the countryside. Every place and environment has its own palette of colors. One thing you can do is look for a local expert painter, who will help you choose paints with your preferred colors for your exterior walls.

The Best Outdoor Colors for the Modern Home

When you think of a modern home, you immediately think of a building with clean lines and minimal design. The large windows and walls with regular cuts make the house a well-defined architectural project. The best exterior colors of the modern house are:

1) White

White tends to enlarge spaces and transmits brightness, freshness and cleanliness to the entire environment.

2) Gray

The soft shade and cleanliness of gray are perfectly combined with the pure design of the most modern houses. It gives the house the welcoming personality typical of modern homes.

3) Turtledove

Turtledove is a color with a double personality, sober and discreet, but at the same time impressive, especially when you use it to highlight the relevant architectural parts of the house.

4) Black

The essential minimalism of a modern home finds in black a trusted ally, capable of giving an elegant and chic touch. With the right installation of lighting and lighting points, black will give the architecture of the house a strong and refined character.

The Best Outdoor Colors for the Beach House

If you close your eyes and think of the sea, the rosary of colors that comes to mind is immediate and well defined. That’s why there are essentially four outdoor colors in beach houses:

1) White

In the collective imagination, the beach house is white with blue shutters, closing elements that become mainly decorative. The best house renovation companies recommend the white to the sea. That is because in this way the salt brought by the wind – which will settle on the facades – will be less evident over the years.

2) Heavenly

When the color of the sky is reflected in the sea and bounces off the celestial outer walls of the house, it produces an amazing optical effect. Also very popular is the use of geometric decorations in tone-on-tone colors.

3) Blue

A darker variant of the celestial, it is perfectly suited to those who love the presence of majolica outside the house

4) Ancient Rose

Although it is less common than the three previous ones, the antique pink also gives a holiday touch to marine homes. It is often used in its pastel variant.

The Best Outdoor Colors for the Country House

The houses in the countryside and in the hilly areas are those with the most vivid colors.

1) Green Shades

Depending on whether you want to contrast or respect the colors of the vegetation, green shades are a good option. The shades of green are perfect for painting the exterior of the house in the countryside. Our advice is also to consider replacing the windows and doors.

It will create the right color combination with the colors of the exterior facades. In the countryside, you have the possibility to paint the exterior walls with the colors you like the most. The reason is these are villas far from the restrictions of the historical centers.

2) Paintings of Yellow, Orange, Red or Brown

The outdoor colors of country houses love all the warm autumn shades of the leaves: from yellow to brown, through orange and red. Very often, these variants are combined with each other and laid on the various external elements of the house (facades, fixtures, architectural elements).

The Best Outdoor Antique House Colors

Generally, these are buildings in the historic center that may be subject to municipal rules and regulations. Absolutely the most used color for the exterior of the houses is the ancient pink. It is able to convey that feeling of passion and history typical of ancient houses.

Other colors, although less widespread, are used to color the exteriors of the old houses. They include brick red, ochre, light green, and shades of yellow and brown.

What Are the Styles of the Most Requested House Exterior Colors

The external finish is the phase that defines the style of a facade and gives it character and personality when you decide what to paint. According to the latest design trends, there are seven styles of home exterior colors most in demand.

Let’s look at them together, each with its own photographic example. It will help you to understand which one fits your idea of plastering and grouting.

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Pompeian
  • Minimal
  • Colonial

What Are the Most Popular Exterior House Colors

Whether it is for architectural consistency, for a communal bond, for personal pleasure, or for fashion, you should seek professional advice. They will provide you with all the information you need on waterproofness, resistance and breathability of paints with exterior colors of your choice.

Moreover, they will also explain the differences between quartz and silicate paints.

Where possible, they will also give you the opportunity to see the final result before laying the plaster, by simulating the exterior color of the house. You can compare the best painters in your area, send a request for a quote, and calculate an indicative cost of the work. This way, you will give the exterior of your house the colors it deserves.

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