what are the most popular interior paint colors for 2019

What Are the Most Popular Interior Paint Colors – The Best Choices

Are you searching for what are the most popular interior paint colors? In this article, we present the twelve current shades that will be the stars of the spotlight. From deep green to golden yellow, this inspiring palette will be a welcome addition to any interior.

What Are the Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

Grand Manan Black

Grand Manan Black is rich and classic, and at the same time, is reminiscent of the elegance of nature. The idea behind the Grand Manan Black shade was to recreate the calming and invigorating euphoria we feel when we are in a natural environment.

When you combine it with deep earth tones, classic white-grey, or golden yellow, it looks great. Furthermore, this dark green looks great when you combine it with organic or metallic materials such as wood, brass, or marble.

What Are the Most Popular Interior Paint Colors – Retro Yellow

Golden yellow color variations are definitely in vogue this season. This color has been seen for some time on certain pieces of furniture, such as sofas and carpets. It is now the preferred paint to brighten up any space.

This color also provides a “retro” aesthetic ideal for creating an interesting contrast in rather modern interiors. For a more eccentric effect, choose a mustard yellow accent wall in the bedroom or living room.

Gourmet Reds

Entitled “Bloody Mary” and “Chinook Salmon”, this season’s reds are both graceful and playful. One of the major trends? The design of colorful and eclectic spaces that marry a palette of energetic shades.

Warm reds and oranges chosen in a luminous finish bring personality to a space without becoming too intrusive for the eye. Moreover, if you blend it with a classic neutral shade, the rich color has an elegant look and creates an enveloping effect in the room.

Urban Blues

Azure hues are making a strong comeback this season. Both rich and soft, these Nordic blues are a nod to the popular Scandinavian shades and blend harmoniously with various organic materials such as light blond wood.

For the bathroom or bedroom, glacier-grey blue is a wise choice. When you want to create an unexpected, but no less comforting effect, you can apply it entirely. For example, you should paint it in a space reserved for relaxation and pleasure, such as the living room or family room.

Mineral Neutrals

These classic shades are an interesting option for timeless interiors with a minimalist decor. They are also excellent complements to bright, vibrant colors. For instance, they create a harmonious contrast between these two color families. They are versatile and can be used with virtually any material.

Deep grey is a great alternative to black, which can sometimes overly darken a room. Whether in the bathroom, hallway, bedroom, or kitchen, you can use soft beiges in any space and allow you to emphasize decorative objects and furniture.

What Are the Most Popular Interior Paint Colors – Elegant Violets

Generally considered a bold color that can even be difficult to match, purple is a versatile shade that is easy to adopt if you make a thoughtful choice. This season, color experts are looking for refined, vaporous shades that blend gracefully with terrazzo or light ceramics.

Reminiscent of “millennium pink” – and a perfect match for this star hue – the violets modernize the bathroom, envelop the bedroom in an aura of calm or expand the living room space. If you apply it in variations, the shades ranging from dark to light can create a contrast that is both elegant and original.


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