what are the most popular paint colors for 2019

What Are the Most Popular Paint Colors For 2019 – Our Best Picks

Do you want to know what are the most popular paint colors for 2019? It is often said that the world of fashion and the world of decoration are intertwined. These two creative worlds are inspired by each other and the colors, patterns and textures are usually very similar! 2019 was a colorful year and we can expect the same (and more!) for 2020!

From inspiring, rich colors that are closer to nature, to more neutral and delicate hues, there will be something for everyone! Ready to get out of your comfort zone and let yourself be guided by the beautiful color trends?

Here are 10 colors that were trendy in 2019!

What Are the Most Popular Paint Colors For 2019 – Our Best Picks

What Are the Most Popular Paint Colors For 2019- Teal

Ubiquitous in fashion during the autumn/winter 2018-2019 collections, the teal is also making a place for itself in decoration. Sophisticated and a little dramatic, we love the enveloping atmosphere it brings to a space. Whether you use it as an accent wall or on all the walls of a room, this color will be a must this year!

The Mole

Half beige, half grey, taupe warms the atmosphere and can be used as a perfect backdrop for most decorations. Moreover, this color is reminiscent of nature and will give your room a relaxed atmosphere. You can pair it with neutrals such as white and black to create beautiful contrasts.

Then, you can add an accent color to the set (like light pink or green) to bring out the best in your decor!

What Are the Most Popular Paint Colors For 2019 – Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow was one of the featured colors of 2019 and we’re getting ready to incorporate it into our decor. We love its rich hue without being too saturated, which wakes up the decor and brightens up the room. Whether you use it as an accent wall or on all your walls, it’s the color to brighten up your space!

Slate Blue

The popular charcoal grey is giving way to slate blue (which is actually a very dark grey tinged with blue). The subtle shade of blue adds a chic “touch” to the decor and complements the warmer wood finishes. In addition, it is a great color for a living room or bedroom!


White, the essential of decoration did not leave its place in 2019. Luminous and pure, white is the basic color in decoration. To keep your interior “warm”, you should choose white with a slight hint of yellow.

However, take care to integrate natural materials such as wood and green plants into your decor. Then, you will obtain a Zen and pure interior!

What Are the Most Popular Paint Colors For 2019 – The Old Pink

This year, we will see roses that are a little warmer and a little less saturated than last year. Always with the idea of warming up the atmosphere, these roses will be more “peachy”, and will be combined with natural materials and more neutral shades. We especially like pink with natural wood finishes, black and white!


Oranges went through a popularity phase in the early 2000s and are making a strong comeback this year. Terracotta has made its place in 2019 as a decorative accessory and will continue its success in 2020 by being installed on our walls.  This color fits perfectly with the trend of green plants, terracotta pots and hanging planters. We love it!


Sophisticated, rich and deep, the plum is a happy blend of red and purple. With a touch of mystery, this color is a perfect complement to more neutral and modern colors. Whether you use it on your walls or in small touches on accessories, you will obtain an interior that will leave no one indifferent!


When used in the right proportions, black can create beautiful, contrasting decorations. We especially like the way it enhances lighter shades and natural materials. Black is a great way to create an effect that is both dramatic and modern at the same time!

Rustic Red

Warm and not too dashing, this rich shade of red is reminiscent of a good glass of wine. The red remained very present in decorating in 2019. However, we will see softer, darker reds that will bring a lot of character to spaces.  We like the warmer shades (which tend towards orange) that complement natural materials perfectly!



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