what colors look good with brick

What Colors Look Good With Brick – Discover Best Brick Colors

Generally speaking, the brick walls undeniably evoke New York lofts! And if you’re lucky enough to own a house with a brick interior, then this is the best place to start your decor. What Colors Look Good With Brick? Well, that’s what we suggest you discover!

The Brick Wall and the Loft Style

If you can enjoy a brick wall in any style of interior, it will be particularly decorative in a loft style because it directly evokes disused factories transformed into housing! The decoration should then be inspired by the loft by highlighting colors and materials rather raw like metal or wood.

So all the colors of your interior will come out of this very trendy style, whether your brick wall is orange or whether you want to repaint it in white, grey or taupe!

The Color of the Walls

Knowing that you already have a wall with a strong personality, don’t bid on bright colors unless you find the exact color of your brick and play the total look in your room. Opt for colors that will calm the game and that will find their place in an industrial style.

We think of grey and even black, but also white, taupe or linen, which are fairly natural colors that will evoke a rough wall. If you feel like a more original touch, go for a trendy color by using for example a rather bright blue that will work rather well with a brick wall.

The Color of the Floor

The color of the floor will be fairly easy to determine because you can count on many natural and raw tones that will make your industrial decor match your brick wall. For example, you can choose a light wood floor, a dark wood floor or a gray wood floor as long as the wood grain is visible to highlight the material.

If you do not wish to opt for a parquet floor, you should know that a light or dark grey waxed concrete will also be very suitable. Finally, tiling is also a possibility in black, grey or beige shades depending on the finish you wish to achieve.

What Colors Look Good With Brick – The Color of the Furniture

Once the walls and the floor are dressed, you’ll have to take care of the furniture! Here again, you have to create a certain harmony with the whole and therefore play again with the loft’s favorite shades. You can opt for a brown or black leather sofa or a grey fabric sofa for example.

As far as practical furniture is concerned, you can play with black, grey and brown on metal or wooden furniture, but you can also allow yourself brighter colors that will bring the decor to life. For example, a yellow or red metal locker comes to mind! The idea being to stay in the loft style, you can then allow yourself some fantasy!

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