What Colors Look Good With Dark Wood

What Colors Look Good With Dark Wood – Discover the Right Colors

What colors look good with dark wood? Wood gives every home a particularly natural and lively character. It is why we use natural wood material in living rooms and bedrooms.

However, you should pay special attention to the overall appearance of the room when furnishing with wood.

Moreover, it is important to combine your solid wood furniture with the right colors. This way, nothing stands in the way of a successful living atmosphere.

In this post, you will find out which types of wood and colors work particularly well together.

What Colors Look Good With Dark Wood

Light and Dark Wood

Not all wood is the same – whether you use it as flooring or as furniture. That is because the individual types of wood vary greatly in color and also in grain.

For example, a wall color in combination with a dark walnut chest of drawers has a different effect than with a reddish Swiss stone pine or a light ash.

What Colors Look Good With Dark Wood

You can complement dark woods such as walnut with reddish shades. Cooler colors like grey or mint are also ideal for these dark furniture. On the other hand, sand tones or a classic beige are also good for highlighting furniture made of walnut.

Oak and Wild Oak

The beautiful oak and the rustic wild oak can score in many different ways. Moreover, with the right wall paint, you can show them off to their best advantage.

You can make it especially easy for yourself with the color white. The neutrality of the wall directs the focus to your furniture so that it becomes more prominent. White is always a good choice, especially with darker oak wood.

You should also use colors that are more subtle in themselves, so that the furniture has room to unfold. However, you don’t have to give up color when you choose this type of wood.

For instance, oak looks good when you combine it with rich green, deep orange, light blue or fresh turquoise. In addition, it looks good with white.


Whether fresh combinations of blue and green, mint, or strong violet or berry colors – beech is a wood species that looks good with many different colors. Even more neutral tones match the beech wood and give the room a pleasant atmosphere.

Swiss Stone Pine

The Swiss stone pine is bright and darkens slightly to reddish in the course of time. It is especially popular for its lively pattern.

Classic white gives your Swiss stone pine furniture space to make an impression. The same applies to light, cool colors, which provide a contrast to the warm tone of the Swiss stone pine, as it is called in Switzerland.


A dark wood such as walnut leaves you with many options when choosing the color – depending on which style you personally prefer. Combinations with dark red, light grey or soft mint look particularly modern.

If you pair dark red with light brown tones such as sand, it provides a noble effect. On the other hand, a combination with warm colors such as yellow or orange can bring a touch of the Mediterranean into your home.

What Colors Look Good With Dark Wood

The chestnut is an increasingly Mediterranean tree species – the sun shines through in its golden wood. The heartwood of a freshly felled chestnut is shiny light brown.

However, it darkens with time, so that very old chestnut furniture, for example, has a rich, dark brown-reddish color.

Dark colors such as wine red, dark blue, or green look good together with chestnut wood. This does not mean, however, that you cannot combine chestnut wood with light colors such as beige, white or crème – the room looks more peaceful.

What Colors Look Good With Dark Wood

The noble dark cherry and rosewood wood can cope with almost all colors. Choose beige, brown, grey, or white for an elegant ambience or opt for more freshness thanks to green-yellow.

Strong red or berry also go perfectly with these types of wood, and underline above all the warmth and emotion that emanates from these woods.

Grey, Wine Red or Green? Which Colors Go Together?

Less is often more – this also applies to colors. If use different shades for walls, furniture and decorative elements, you may find it difficult to find the right combination.

Some people like that, others don’t. If you want to reach for color without bringing a rainbow mood into the room, you should use the tips below:

Colors give a room a certain atmosphere. Warm colors such as yellow or orange create cozy rooms, while cold colors such as green, grey, or blue radiate calm.

Often, a soft shade is enough to bring more atmosphere into the room. You can combine powder shades with natural wood furniture. Further, you can spice the whole thing with matching brighter colors such as old rose or violet.

Cold blue tones also go well with the warm brown of wood. Together with white and cream, they remind us of the sea and beach.

But you should not forget: It always depends a little on which style you prefer, and which impression you want to create with the overall composition of wood and one (or more) colors.

Conclusion – How to Choose Dark Wood Colors

It is a little matter of taste, which colors work best with which types of wood. There is no real “wrong”. However, it is often exactly the above-mentioned combinations that are perceived as particularly pleasant by most people – and perhaps by you too.

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