what is a good exterior paint

What Is a Good Exterior Paint – Discover the Best Guide

What is a good exterior paint? A popular material for housing construction at all times is wood. It is an environmentally friendly material, natural, and perfectly suitable for all regions.

Houses turn out not only convenient and comfortable, but at reasonable prices, and with a beautiful, pleasing look, appearance. In addition to houses, cottages made of wood build fences, and other outbuildings.

However, wood, with all its advantages, has disadvantages as well. The main thing that we should mention is the damage of houses made of such material by climatic influences.

For example, rain, sun, insects will sooner or later spoil it. Let us find out the best paint to use and restore them.

What Is a Good Exterior Paint

In order to increase the service life of wood houses, you should treat them with various protective compounds. These include varnish, oil, or paint. The first two methods allow you to preserve the appearance and structure of the material.

Moreover, when using paint, it is possible to change the entire outdoor interior and leave it this way for many years of further use.

Paint Selection

For painting buildings, you should use a special acrylic exterior paint. It is qualitatively different for its resistance to severe climatic conditions. They include moisture and temperature difference.

Good paint in combination with a primer containing a large number of fungicides will stop damage to the house or other buildings. The paint itself must be able to hold the surface perfectly.

Moreover, it should not change its shade for at least several years.

Surface Preparation

Before painting, you should cover the surface with an antiseptic. With exact and strict observance of technology, it is possible to achieve the best result from the paint you buy.

It will protect the surface from external factors for years, while maintaining its perfect appearance.

What Is a Good Exterior Paint – Calculate How Much Paint You Need

In order to calculate how much paint you will use for a given surface, it is necessary to know its covering power. This is the amount of paint you require per square meter.

Knowing how many layers of paint you will apply and the area you will paint, it is easy to calculate the amount of paint you need. Moreover, you need to buy a slightly larger amount of paint than the exact amount.

It will enable you to paint the parts later or in case of possible damage.

What Is a Good Exterior Paint – Types of Paint

There are three types: oil, alkyd, and acrylic.

Oil Paints

Oil paints are nowadays not popular with painters due to a number of shortcomings. The main ones are: they are environmentally unsafe, because they are made on the basis of olive.

In addition, when you paint them, they lie on the surface unevenly, and there are oily spots.

Their price is quite expensive, because of the cost of raw materials. After painting, they take a long time to dry, and they have an unpleasant smell.

Painting is possible only with a similar paint, any other will not lie on top, or you will have to clean the surface for subsequent painting. Further, it will dry out about for about 24 hours.

Alkyd Paints

Alkyd paints are much cheaper than oil paints and their advantages include the following properties. They are frost resistant (up to -30 degrees Celsius), and have good water repellency. During painting, they form a thin film that protects the surface.

Disadvantages: painting only on a perfectly dry surface, due to relatively fast drying, insufficient penetration into the wood being painted, as it dries quickly (up to twelve hours).

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are currently the most in demand. The vast majority of homes are painted with acrylic. They are made on the basis of water and acrylates.

The paints are odorless, ecologically clean, the covering is reliable, frost-proof, color of a paint remains for years, and does not fade (till ten years).

The process of surface painting is simple by technology and does not require much effort. You can apply it with a roller, brush, sprayer. Furthermore, the wood painted with such paint is preserved for years.

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