what is chalk paint good for

Chalk Paint – What Is Chalk Paint Good For?

Chalk paint is water-based, natural and non-polluting. It is generally used for repainting furniture, but can also be applied to various surfaces such as brick, stone, plastic, and concrete. It offers elegantly charming finishes and can thus give your furniture and other objects a refreshing look. We tell you all about chalk painting.

What is so great about chalk paint?

Chalk Paint Properties

Generally colored with natural pigments, this paint is highly concentrated and has a high covering power, between 12 and 14 m² per liter, which is the surface area of a small piece of furniture (a chest of drawers, for example).

Washable, it does not require the application of an additional undercoat, a single coat being sufficient most of the time. It is also not necessary to sand furniture before repainting it with chalk paint.

It can be applied on many substrates, wood first, but also on:

  • Stone
  • Plastic
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Metal

It is possible to apply a light or dark soft wax layer for better resistance, but also to create original effects.

Chalk paint is available in a multitude of shades (some manufacturers offer more than a hundred), from soft, pastel tones to brighter, more vivid colors inspired by 18th century decorations.

Tips for Applying

Chalk paint is applied with a synthetic brush. For particularly smooth surfaces, it can be diluted with water.

With its matt, velvety and powdery finishes, this paint gives your furniture an authentic look:

If you want to achieve an aged look for your furniture, first apply a thin layer of clear soft wax with a natural bristle brush. Then use sandpaper to avoid dust deposits.

If you are attracted by a patina, the surface should be worked with dark soft wax in small sections. Remove any excess with a cotton cloth.


You can apply chalk paint on a variety of surfaces. They include on stone, plastic, or metal. Moreover, it is washable, and is available in several shades.




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