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What Is Kilz Paints Good For – Discover Paints Jobs for Kilz Paints

What Is Kilz Good For? Well, Kilz is a manufacturer of primer paints and also select specialty paints. The company is best known for its primer products that claim to provide superior coverage and coverage to previous stains, odors and imperfections collected after the last paint job in the room.

Kilz paints can help you get started with a fresh, even wall that will provide superior coverage of your new colors.

Discover Paints Jobs for Kilz Paints


Kilz produces both water-based and oil-based primers. If you’re thinking of painting with a water-based latex paint, you should prime the walls with a water-based primer. Kilz offers many water-based paints that claim to provide a range of covering qualities and surface benefits.

These include providing an even surface to apply the finish coating, covering porous surfaces and covering blemishes and stains. Kilz’s latex-based water-based primer can be used under an oil-based coating. This provides a range of flexibility for the user. Kilz also offers paints for exterior surfaces.


Apply an oil-based primer if the finish coating will also be oil-based. Kilz oil-based primers have a greater ability to block stains and odors such as cooking grease or nicotine. Those tend to stick to walls and provide a pungent smell in some homes.

For those who want to benefit from the ability to hide superior oil-based paints but can’t stand the associated odor, Kilz offers an odorless oil-based primer.

Special Paints

Kilz manufacturers other products besides primers. And that is what they are generally known to do best in the painting industry. However, Kilz offers products such as a ceiling paint. Their ceiling paint provides coverage for the most common ceiling stains, such as water stains with minimal splashes. The primer dries in a flat white and can be applied to any interior surface with the same efficiency.

The colors that change primer products change from pink to white as it dries to make sure you never miss a spot. This is also ideal for ceilings where a white primer is usually applied to a white ceiling.

Need to Trigger

Many paint companies offer a combination of primer and paint. They are made to eliminate the need to apply a primer such as Kilz. The ability to hide and cover porous surfaces is often debated by antiquated paint professionals. They believe that a good primer, is the only way to start with a uniformly coated paint.

The Kilz primer soaks into the wall and provides painters with a clean base to apply their topcoats. Other primers are available that will do the same type of work as Kilz. The only exception is that Kilz specializes in primers while most other companies specialize in finishing products.

Discover Paints Jobs for Kilz Paints

We hope you now know what Kilz Paints are good for, and you will get them when you need to fix your paint jobs. Please share your experience with Kilz paints with us, in the comments section below.

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