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What Is the Best Benjamin Moore Paint – Discover the Best Line

What is the best Benjamin Moore paint? For the past two decades, there has been an enormous amount of research and development in the field of paint manufacturing. The result is dozens of new paints appearing on the shelves every season.

There are so many different products on the market today, making it not easy to find your way around when buying paint for your home. Each paint manufacturer offers several product lines, and trying them out one by one would take several months, perhaps even years.

Benjamin Moore, for example, offers eight different paint lines! To find out which Benjamin Moore paint is the best, you would have to compare each line from one manufacturer, with the corresponding line from its competitors.

What Is the Best Benjamin Moore Paint?

Here are the top Benjamin Moore paint suggestions based on the feedback of many happy clients:

  1. BEN-MOR 702.1.4 Quart White Egg Paint
  2. INSL-X Cabinet Coat Enamel, Satin Sheen Paint
  3. INSL-X Ceiling Paint White
  4. BEN-MOR 702.1.4 Quart White Egg Paint
  5. Benjamin Moore Flat Water-Based Acrylic Latex Primer 

The best paint depends on the project. Are you looking for a rustproof paint for your garage siding or for your lintels? Do you need a weather-resistant exterior paint for your brick or stucco wall?

On the other hand, do you want a matte finish paint to repaint your ceiling? A glossier finish for your interior walls? Perhaps you want a paint with a high hiding power to cover a layer of bright red paint? A paint to apply on galvanized metal or a wrought iron staircase?

Or a paint with a bright color that is very washable (color will resist rubbing) for the children’s playroom? Do you need environmentally friendly paints to avoid triggering your child’s asthma attacks?

Benjamin Moore is a popular brand. That doesn’t mean it’s better than the others, but it does mean it’s more trusted.

Choose the best Benjamin Moore Paint

We prefer Benjamin Moore paints for several reasons. In addition to offering good value to painters, the Benjamin Moore paint dealer has several service points, making its products easily accessible.

If you are an amateur painter, we recommend that you get your products for your painting project from a Benjamin Moore store. Their salespeople will advise you properly.

They are used to helping customers who are not professional painters, and don’t worry, they will be able to answer all your questions, even the wildest ones. So don’t hesitate!

Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint is a product line that we especially enjoy working with. Here’s why.

Benjamin Moore Brush

The Qualities of Aura Paint

  • 100% acrylic paint
  • Very good adhesion, (it even adheres to an oil-painted surface)
  • Non-polluting organic dyes
  • Good washability
  • Anti-mold, (even for the matte finish product)
  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as 4°C
  • Higher hiding power than most other paints
  • Low in VOC, (less chemical and less harmful to the environment)
  • A single gallon can cover approximately 425 square feet of surface (compared to 350 sq. ft. for most other products)
  • Self-leveling, it’s very smooth finish resembles oil paint

Aura Paint Also Has Some Disadvantages

  • Dries so quickly that it is preferable to add a resin additive
  • It drips when cutting as soon as a little too much paint is applied on the brush
  • The cutting with the brush and the painting with the roller must be done at the same time to avoid seeing demarcations (phenomenon called “flash”)
  • Surface imperfections are more visible because the product has a high degree of gloss

We Recommend Aura Paint If You Wish To Use It to:

  • Save time in labor (often, only one coat is enough, whereas it usually takes at least one coat of primer in addition to two coats of topcoat paint)
  • Paint directly on an oil-painted surface
  • Painting high-traffic areas or walls that you plan to wash often
  • Painting fairly small areas (which will not require a large amount of paint)

Conclusion – What Is the Best Benjamin Moore Paint

It is best to go to a professional to paint with Aura paint because of its self-leveling and very fast drying properties. When labor costs are proportionally high and the durability, washability, coverage requirements, or surface are special, Aura paint is a smart, even economical choice.

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