what is the best deck stain to use

What Is the Best Deck Stain to Use – The Best Tips

What is the best deck stain to use? First of all we must forget about epoxy paints / resins which will quickly change color. They also yellow on contact with UV light and have a short life span, even when considered as marine paint.

Furthermore, they have no anti-slip properties. Fortunately, in this guide, we will find out the best deck stain to use.

What Is the Best Deck Stain to Use

It is best to always opt for a two-component polyurethane (PU) finishing paint, preferably anti-slip, in order to be able to walk safely. The polyurethane paint is very covering, and will allow you to give your boat deck a new look.

Just as much as a marine paint, it will protect your deck from external aggressions during extreme weather conditions. The polyurethane paint is the best option for swimming pool decks and boat decks in contact with water.


  • Its durability is very high, and its rendering is very modern
  • Easy to apply and within everyone’s reach
  • It has a good roughness, which gives it a good adhesion when dry
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, salt, and sea water
  • Easy-care, and non-slip finish
  • It is available in almost all colors
  • Two-component paints are three to four times more durable than one-component paints

Durability of Boat Paint:

  • Gelcoat only lasts 1 or 2 years.
  • One-component PU paint 3 to 4 years
  • Epoxy Resin (not recommended for outdoor use): 5 to 7 years old
  • Bi-component PU paint up to 10 years.

Repaint Boat Deck

The polyurethane paint is not considered an anti-fouling paint even though algae do not particularly cling to it.

You should paint in good weather (no rain, wind, or too much heat). For the best results, you should paint under shelter (garage), at temperatures between 15 and 20°C.

Preparation of the Surface:

Wash the deck of the boat well, since the surfaces must be clean. Then, wait to dry, and make sure it is free of dust. Allow to dry carefully.

  1. Remove the non-adherent parts by scraping, brushing, or washing.
  2. Furthermore, remove salt, sand, algae, and mollusks.
  3. Then, destroy mosses with our Antifoam.
  4. Fill the holes (with polyester putty), and dry well.
  5. Remove all interfering fittings and accessories, and use masking tape to delimit areas that you will not repaint.

What Is the Best Deck Stain to Use – How to Apple Deck Paint

  1. No primer is necessary if the surface is clean, dry, and free of dust.
  2. Thoroughly roughen the floor with 80 grit paper (orbital sander or with a sanding block), until you reach the fiber. Remember that you should not use a belt sander for a boat.
  3. Clean with epoxy paint cleaner.
  4. Apply 2 coats of PU paint (without epoxy primer) in 2 coats of 200 g per m² each, for example, 400 g per m² for the 2 coats with a 4mm microfiber roller.
  5. Wait at least 7 days before contact with water.
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