what is the best exterior paint for aluminum siding

What Is the Best Exterior Paint for Aluminum Siding

Do you want to know what is the best exterior paint for aluminum siding? It is important to know that painting aluminum is a rather complex task.

Aluminum surfaces are often very smooth, and the paint has difficulty sticking to them. Therefore, it is important to find out about aluminum paint before you start working on such a surface. This page gives you all the advice you need!




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What Is the Best Exterior Paint for Aluminum Siding

Painting On Aluminum

It is always possible to apply paint. The question is whether it will hold! Just as it is possible to paint PVC, it is also possible to apply paint to an aluminum door, window or barrier.

However, certain precautions must be taken:

  • You must choose a paint for aluminum, which can adapt to this surface
  • It is necessary to use an undercoat, which protects the aluminum and ensures the quality of the result
  • It is important to prepare the aluminum well, to ensure the adhesion of the paint.

Keep in mind that painting on aluminum is not the easiest job, and does not guarantee a perfect result. It is better not to buy aluminum furniture or shutters if your primary goal is to repaint them.

On the other hand, painting can be a good solution for renovating oxidized or old aluminum.

What Is the Best Exterior Paint for Aluminum Siding – Choosing Your Aluminum Paint

The first step to a successful operation is to choose the right paint. A few years ago, only glycerol paints had sufficient covering power for aluminum.

Today, however, there are excellent acrylic paints suitable for aluminum, which have the merit of being less polluting than oil paints.

Our Advice Is To Opt For:

  • For an undercoat for metals, which you should use before painting
  • For a water-based special aluminum paint, which you should apply in two coats
  • Before buying a paint, check the application and use instructions on the can

If the aluminum is oxidized, also buy a rust converter, which you should apply before the undercoat

How to Paint Aluminum

It is important to follow specific painting techniques when you want to paint aluminum in the best conditions.

To guide you, we offer you the different steps in painting aluminum siding:

1) Preparation of the Surface

It is important to know that aluminum is naturally treated to prevent rust. However, this protective layer prevents the perfect application of paint. This is why it is essential to prepare the surface before painting aluminum!

Make sure you follow these different stages of preparation:

First of all, degrease the entire surface with a clean cloth which you should soak in methylated spirits.

Once you degrease the aluminum, sand the entire surface with fine-grained abrasive in small circular movements. Then dust and rinse.

If necessary (in case of oxidation of the aluminum), apply a layer of rust converter to treat the rust. Allow the time indicated in the instructions to take effect.

Wear gloves and a protective mask during these steps.

2) Applying an Undercoat

As is the case when painting plastic, apply an undercoat to properly prepare the aluminum and facilitate paint adhesion.

An undercoat for metal has the advantage of protecting your surface from rust. It also ensures the quality of the final result.

Use a brush to paint hard-to-reach corners, and a roller to paint large surfaces. Remember to cross the passes, so that the primer impregnates the entire surface.

Note: Beware of single-layer aluminum paints or paints which you can apply without an undercoat. In spite of manufacturers’ promises, they often offer a disappointing result.

Remember local professional painters will give you a free quote for your job.

3) Applying Paint to Aluminum

Once the undercoat is dry, all you have to do is apply your aluminum paint.

As with the primer, you can apply the paint with a brush (for corners) or roller. You can also find spray paint cans for aluminum.

Conclusion – What Is the Best Exterior Paint for Aluminum Siding

Ideally, you should apply the paint in two coats. Once the first coat is dry, tackle the second one and admire the final result!

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