What Is the Best Interior Paint to Buy

What Is the Best Interior Paint to Buy – The Best Types

What is the best interior paint to buy? When carrying out house repair, it can be difficult to choose among the huge number of paint products. So the question of how to choose paint for the walls of the apartment or home is quite relevant.

Manufacturers offer many varieties of such products with different effects. However, to pick up a high quality and suitable paint, you need to know the basic properties of each type. Let us look at them in detail.

What Is the Best Interior Paint to Buy

The building materials market offers a wide range of paints for interior decoration.

Paint Functions

In paint shops, there are many materials that differ significantly in composition, purpose, and performance. Any paint performs two quite important functions:

  • Protection of walls from excessive damage
  • Acts as a decorative component of the room

What Is the Best Interior Paint to Buy

Buyers can get lost from a wide range of materials. First of all, we can divide all colorful compositions into two types: for exterior facade and interior works. For the walls in the apartment will fit the interior compositions.

In a separate row you can distinguish waterproof paint products. They are ideal for rooms with excessive humidity. For example, you can use them for painting walls in the kitchen, or even in the bathroom.

Vapor permeability is another significant factor when selecting paints. You should use materials with this property in bedrooms or children’s rooms, since their main feature is to breathe. When using such paints on the walls, they do not form fungi, mold, and other unpleasant “neighbors.

When choosing a wall covering in an apartment, it is worth clarifying the property as well. Paints with a good ability to hide outwardly do not differ from conventional ones. However, they are much more convenient and easier to work with.

This figure is expressed in material consumption per square meter. Another interesting feature of some coatings is their ability to reduce the viscosity when stirring. This property is called thixotropy.

Such paints do not flow, and do not drip from the brush to the floor. Moreover, they do not leave sludge at the bottom of the tank. There also are no leaks when using them.

What Is the Best Interior Paint to Buy – Main Types of Paints

There are quite a few options, depending on the components, the paint for the walls. We can divide wall paint into several subspecies of its composition. Let us consider the common ones.

  • Acrylic paints
  • Water emulsion paints
  • Silicone paints
  • Latex paints
  • Oils
  • Alkyd enamels

Water emulsion, acrylic, latex, and oil types of paints are the most popular.

Water Dispersed

They are also called water emulsion or water-soluble. They can be classified as the most economical types of paints, and use normal water as a solvent. This type of paint products dries quickly enough, has no odor, and is quite cheap.

Water-dispersed paint is best for dry rooms such as the bedroom, where you do not expect the appearance of excess moisture. These materials are breathable, that is, have a useful property – vapor permeability.

Dirt and dust are not absorbed into the surface that you treat with such paints. In addition, walls that you paint with water emulsion are easy to clean.

Moreover, the water-soluble paint has a vapor permeability – it is harmless for children’s rooms.


This type of paint is made with the use of acrylic resins, thanks to which when dry, they form a hard smooth film. Moreover, they are highly resistant to external influences. Such coatings are ideal in rooms where there is excess moisture. Walls dry out quite quickly if you treat them with this material.

Another positive property of acrylic is the absence of sharp smell. By the way, acrylic in its composition have textured paints for walls. Photos of finished textured panels amaze with their originality and approach to decorating rooms.


This type of paint is made on the basis of unique silicone resins, and has a huge number of positive qualities. These include steam permeability and non-wetting properties, so it is ideal for outdoor work. Moreover, you can use them in bathrooms and washing rooms.

Due to its high level of moisture resistance, silicone paint is suitable for finishing kitchens and bathrooms.


It’s one of the varieties of water-soluble compositions. The main positive quality of such coatings is high durability. You can wash walls with such paints often, even if the thickness of the layer is quite small. Furthermore, there are matte and glossy varieties of such paints.


After learning about some basic properties of the paint, it becomes easier to choose the best paint for the walls. With this knowledge, it is almost impossible to make a mistake in the store. However, if you have no experience in painting, it is worth inviting professionals to carry out the project.

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