What Is the Best Interior Paint

What Is the Best Interior Paint – Best Interior Paint for Apartments

What is the best interior paint? Painting the walls of your apartment or home is a great modern alternative to the common wallpaper or decorative plaster. Moreover, it takes less time than other types of finishing, and at the same time creates a beautiful, flat, and bright coating.

Furthermore, the painting is easy to care for and easy to update if necessary. In this article, we tell you about the best paints for interior work, and how to choose the right one.

What Is the Best Interior Paint  for Apartments- Types of Paints

Water emulsion, latex, silicone, acrylic, and silicate paints are most commonly used for interior work. Let’s take a closer look at each of these types of oil paints.

What Is the Best Interior Paint  – Criteria for Selection

First of all, the choice of paint material will depend on the room in which you will use it. If you need to paint the walls in the bathroom or toilet, you should choose a waterproof dye with anti-fungal components. It will protect the surface from the effects of high humidity.

For the kitchen, you should choose washable paints that create a resistant to mechanical abrasion coating. This way, it will be much easier to take care of permanently dirty walls.

And for bedrooms and children rooms, you should choose environmentally friendly vapor-permeable paints. They will help maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the room.

You also need to take into account the covering of the material. The higher it is, the fewer layers you will need to paint the surface.

In addition, the choice of dye will sometimes depend on the material that your walls are made of. Most modern dyes are good for almost all materials. That is from concrete to drywall and wood, but each type has its own requirements.

Water Emulsion Paints

Ordinary water emulsion dyes are cheap, easy to apply, and quick to dry. Furthermore, almost nothing smells and they completely safe for humans due to their water base. However, it is not easy to care for such a surface, as it is afraid of water and cannot bear mechanical damage.

Therefore, in order for the repair to last as long as possible, and be easy to care for, it is best to use water-dispersion compositions. They have various polymeric additives to improve their properties for internal works.

Acrylic Paints

These dyes are more durable and dense than the previous type of coating. In addition, they are not afraid of moisture due to the acrylic resins that these paints contain..

Furthermore, they have good masking power, do not cause application problems, and dry out quickly. Finally, they have an optimal ratio of coating quality to the price of the material itself.

Latex Paints

Latex polymers compositions create a thin and strong film on the surface. It does not let in moisture, but also does not let in air very well. Such materials are often washable, so you can use them to finish easily polluted surfaces. Moreover, they are best for those areas where air humidity is constantly high.

However, they are not very resistant to UV light, and can fade under the influence of UV light. Further, they are also afraid of low temperatures.

What Is the Best Interior Paint  – Silicone Paints

Many agree that the best wall paints are silicone, but they are also among the most expensive on the market. Thanks to the silicone resins they contain, they form a dense and durable coating.

This coating is resistant to scratching, friction, and repeated washing. Such dyes are easy to apply, give a bright color, do not attract dirt, and last a long time.

Silicate Paints

Silicate formulations are among the most durable, so they are resistant to almost any damage. They are based on “liquid glass”, which protects the coating against abrasion, water, and fungus.

Furthermore, they make it vapor-permeable and environmentally friendly. The minus of such compositions is their high price, difficulties in application, and small number of shades.

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