what is the best masking tape

What Is the Best Masking Tape – Most Popular Types

What is the best masking tape? Not all adhesives have the same characteristics. Depending on the type of application and the texture of the surface on which you want to tape the adhesive, you will have to choose one or the other adhesive tape. Here, we offer you the opportunity to take stock of the most popular masking adhesives.

What Is the Best Masking Tape

Common DIY Work

Masking tape is a bit like the multi-purpose equipment of the do-it-yourselfer. It is flexible and easy to cut, and has good adhesive power for up to 6 months. However, that is depending on the type of masking tape you use.

Moreover, it is easy to peel off, as it is to stick, and is waterproof. Therefore, it is ideal for jointing and painting work.

Furthermore, the masking tape is easy to bend, and you will appreciate it when it comes to making or delimiting curves or surfaces with relief. Thanks to this equipment, all your painting projects will have a perfect finish. That is regardless of the surface; fragile or delicate.

What Is the Best Masking Tape – Painting Work

The masking adhesive makes it possible, among other uses, to paint wall sections without difficulty. It means you will no longer put a brushstroke accidentally on baseboards.

Moreover, masking adhesive makes it possible to carefully delimit the areas that you need to paint or repaint. Now, the original friezes, the perfect borders, two-colored walls with straight borders, and fancy shapes are all yours.

Short Term Fixing Without Mark

You may remove a piece of tape from a wall bracket or something. Then, you may have had the unpleasant surprise of discovering scotch marks left by the glue of the adhesive. With masking tape, you can avoid this kind of inconvenience. Removal is easy, with no marks. Convenient, isn’t it?

Bodywork Work

A paint shop on bodywork ? In this case, you will need a roll of masking tape. This is an adhesive that adheres perfectly to the sheet metal without leaving a trace when you remove it. It allows you to mask the parts that you will not paint.

On the contrary, it allows you to delimit the parts you will fill with spray paint. Flexible and easy to handle, let your creativity and your desires speak for themselves, and draw the shapes, patterns, or letters you wish to paint.

Decoration Tip

The trend is the customization of furniture: today, you can find cupboards, chests of drawers, and old trunks that you then repaint according to your desires. However, your budget is minimal and above all, you want the final result to be in line with your tastes.

In this case, the masking adhesive is the essential accessory to paint or repaint a piece of furniture. Thanks to it, you can make the shapes you want, and paint without risk of overrunning.

What Is the Best Masking Tape – What Various Colors Mean

Usually white, the masking adhesive comes in a range of colors corresponding to specific uses. We suggest you discover some of these applications:

Blue Masking Tape

Do you have textured paint jobs? The blue type adheres perfectly to bumpy, wavy surfaces with a particularly pronounced texture. Suitable for outdoor work, this tape has the particularity of being able to be glued on wood flooring, and on vinyl. Furthermore, you can glue it on laminate, marble, rough concrete, and even carpets.

Green Masking Tape

The green colored masking adhesive has a very high adhesive strength, and is ideal for applications on rough or uneven surfaces. Moreover, it is UV resistant and does not fade even when you use it in colder temperatures. This masking tape is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

You will find it useful for surfaces such as baseboards and moldings in wood, and vinyl or aluminum for windows and doors. Outdoors, the green masking tape is suitable for difficult surfaces such as concrete, brick or metal.

Yellow Masking Tape

The yellow type is ideal for professional painters and decorators. You should use it on surfaces such as concrete and stone walls, and you can apply it without risk of marking on even freshly painted surfaces. Further, it is UV resistant, easy to handle, and easy to tear.

In addition, since it is waterproof,  you can even use it in rainy environments.

Purple Masking Tape

You should use purple masking tape on delicate, and non-textured surfaces. Moreover, you can apply it without any risk of marking on freshly painted surfaces, walls, floors, and ceilings. Its low adhesive power allows it to stick to damp surfaces without causing soiling.

However, you should not use this masking tape for outdoor work. That is because it is not very suitable for temperature variations, and is not very weather-resistant.














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