what is the best type of paint

What Is the Best Type of Paint – All the Information to Look For

Do you know what is the best type of paint? In DIY stores, there is often a wide variety of wall paints from different manufacturers.

Then the question usually arises: With which color do I achieve the best coating result? Our wall color comparison should help you to find the best color for your walls.

What Is the Best Type of Paint

Coating Result, Dripping Behavior, and Resistance

A high-quality product should always have a good coating result. There should be no noses or stripes, and dark or too light stains are also taboo. Cheap colors in particular often have these disadvantages, which does not make the home look nice.


If you dip a roller or brush into the paint, you should let it drip off a little or roll it on a grid. It is important that not too much splashes or drips.

The paint should be rather solid and not too thin. When painting on the wall, as little paint as possible should splash away from the applicator. The wall should absorb the paint well.

In this guide, we will provide you with ideas for wall paint, so that you can use this inspiration to achieve a better result.

What Is the Best Type of Paint – What Does Emulsion Paint Mean?

Emulsion paint refers to a viscous preparation of binding agents, pigments, and other components. These are, for example, well-known wall paints, especially those made of synthetic resin.

There are very big differences in quality in terms of covering power, hold, and the luminosity of the paint. Also, a very important factor for a professional wall paint is the pigmentation. It leads to a much better opacity with good paints.

Wall Color Comparison – Color Classes

If you look at a test report beforehand, you can save a lot of trouble and money if the wall paint you bought does not turn out to be a cheap paint afterwards.

Wet Abrasion Class

There are different color classes, which are an important factor in finding the right color for your own apartment wall. The wet abrasion class indicates how resistant the paint is when it is already dry.

For example, if you want to rub or clean the painted wall with water, the emulsion paint should be as resistant as possible. For this reason, you can see different wet abrasion classes on the paint bucket.

In rooms such as the bathroom, latex paints are often used, which have the best resistance and are assigned to class 1.

Opacity Class

The opacity class is also found on the bucket and refers to the different quality levels in the wall paint. There are four different levels.

A very good paint, usually has a hiding power of class 1. On the other hand, poorer products, which are usually much cheaper, are assigned to class four.

It is good to buy a wall paint with a higher opacity class, since you will use less paint, and achieve a much better result.

If you have time, you can also choose to paint over the wall several times. Also, cheap paints are more suitable for basement rooms and study rooms.

How Do I Paint A Wall Properly?

Good wall paints should be diluted with water beforehand, but here you should look at the paint bucket. The reason is different manufacturers recommend different percentages.

The opacity does not lose any of its opacity and you gain more paint. You can find the best ideas for the right color of a bathroom, children’s room, or living room on the internet or with us.

Is A Full Color Or A Tint Best?

We recommend solid colors for your home, as you do not have to mix them, and you can use them directly for painting. Tinting colors are a kind of syrup, which is mixed with white paint to achieve an individual color tone.

Before painting the wall, you should remove excess dust with a hand brush. Then, apply a generous amount of primer with a cloth until it has dried.

Water Vapor Permeability, Mold Protection Paint, and Mineral Paint – What Does That Mean?

By the way, various manufacturers offer extra wall paints, which are particularly suitable for smoking households, and they are called nicotine barriers. Therefore, you should consider this type of paint if you smoke a lot.

The water vapor permeability should be as high as possible, and it should release as little moisture as possible through the wall to prevent mold growth. This type of water vapor diffusion capability ensures that the interior walls can breathe more easily.

The storage of a wall paint should be as dry and frost-free as possible. In this way, you can store a good wall paint for several years without losing its quality.

Mold protection paints also ensure that as little moisture as possible penetrates the rooms, especially if there is little ventilation. In this way, you prevent mold growth, but sufficient ventilation should always be there, especially in damp rooms.

As far as the contrast ratio is concerned, there is only one thing to know. Colors with a high opacity provide a very good color image and have a high contrast to other colors.

Class 1 products should be preferred if a very qualitative coating result is important. When comparing wall colors, one should take a closer look at various brands.

Mineral paints have a high proportion of minerals, which make the paint very durable and resistant. However, these are usually much more expensive than normal dispersion paints.

For the best result, you should use mineral paint as an exterior paint. Exterior areas are exposed to the elements and require much more resistant materials.

Conclusion – What Type of Paint is the Best

All the above factors and characteristics should be taken into account, because all manufacturers create different products with different quality.

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