what is the best white paint

What Is the Best White Paint – Discover the Best Tips

What is the best white paint? Among the wide variety of paint colors on the market, painting your walls white seems to be the easiest option. As easy as it may seem, when buying your white paint, there are details that should be taken into account.

They include the undertone, the brightness, or the type of paint, among others. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect white for your walls and ceilings.

What Is the Best White Paint

The Subtone

This paint can have more or less marked shades of yellow or blue, which make the white warm or cold. If you want the walls of your house to feel warm, you will have to choose paint with a yellow or red undertone.

On the other hand, if you want your interiors to be modern and bright, it is advisable that the paint has a blue undertone. The color of the paint will still be white, but that little shade is capable of provoking different sensations and changing the atmosphere of your home.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint

Coordinate The Paint with Your Decor

It is possible to have white furniture, white walls, and white doors but they do not seem to fit together. To prevent this from happening, avoid choosing a paint that does not clash with the other elements.

If your decoration is dominated by cream tones, wood, and natural fibers, the walls should be warm white. In an apartment with modern furniture and steel and glass elements, the walls will ask for a cold white.

Consider the Light

The characteristics of the room you want to paint are also decisive in determining what this paint on the walls will look like. If it receives a lot of natural light, this lighting will tend to give the paint a warmer touch, so you can choose slightly cooler shades of white.

If you choose cream colors with this lighting, they will intensify and appear too yellow.

In rooms with little natural light, especially if you use fluorescents (for example in the kitchen), artificial light will make it seem colder. It is advisable to choose warmer paint.

Consider this when choosing the color, as it will affect your appearance. You can paint a sample on your wall and see how it changes throughout the day in natural light before deciding on a shade.

White Matte or Glossy Paint?

White matt paint has a more velvety appearance and does not reflect light as much as white gloss paint. On the other hand, the brighter the paint, the more resistant it is.

If you are unsure about whether to choose matt, satin or gloss finishes for your paint, you should do one thing. Think about what type of room you are going to use it in first.

In bathrooms, kitchens, corridors or children’s rooms, satin or gloss paint will stay in better condition for longer. Check the paint’s technical data sheet to find out if it is washable. It will ensure that you choose a product that best suits your needs.

What Is the Best White Paint – Do You Want An Ecological Option?

The ecological white paint is odorless. Its properties makes it ideal for painting children’s rooms, schools, hospitals, or your entire home.

There are different ecological paint options for your walls that have a low environmental impact. They also have a high percentage of natural raw materials in their formulation.


Eco-white paint helps you take care of your environment and are good for your health. They have a low content of volatile compounds, which makes them best for homes. If these aspects are a priority for you, Eco-paint is the best option!


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