what kind of interior paint to use

What Kind Of Interior Paint to Use – Discover 4 Best Interior Types of Paint

Which paint is best suited for your interior? Oil paint, lime paint? The answer depends mainly on the support to be covered. In all cases, it is better to call on the expertise of a specialist. Depending on your needs, a professional painter can advise you to opt for acrylic, glycerol, ecological paint or whitewashed oils. Zoom on their respective characteristics.

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is one of the most commonly used paints for interior decoration. It is a water-based paint, which can be used to cover a ceiling or as wall paint. Multi media, acrylic paint can be used to color your woodwork, a ceiling molding or even your metal supports. It can even be applied on tile.

In addition to the fact that it is adapted to almost all materials, it also has the advantage of drying quickly. You will save time with this choice if you decide to renovate the paintings in your home. In addition, the colors of walls and ceilings redone with acrylic remain vivid for a very long time.

It comes in an almost infinite variation of colors, the whole rainbow is available! Whether you’re looking for a matt, sober finish, or why not a white satin, you’ll easily find what you need on the market.

The tools you will use during your work can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

We recommend that you dilute your acrylic a little with water if you use a paint gun instead of a brush or roller.


Glycerol paint takes its name from the resin that composes it, glycerophthalic resin. It is generally used to paint the walls of damp rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. This material is much more resistant to water than the other varieties, moreover, it is particularly covering and gives a smooth aspect to your support. This type of paint gives your interior a very design look.

Very easy to maintain, walls painted with glycerol are washable, practical in case of projections or dirt.

Note that you will have to clean the tools used for the glycerol with a solvent, such as white spirit.

Limed Oils

The use of limed oils is recommended if you have to work on difficult backgrounds.

Limed oils can easily cover different stains or demarcations on the areas to be painted. It is a “tension-free” paint that does not crack and is particularly effective on a ceiling, especially if it is dirty or stained.

A little tip, however, once you have finished applying the undercoat, wait about 48 hours before applying the final coat.

Ecological Paint

This organic paint for all surfaces is non-toxic. Made from carefully chosen materials, respectful of health and the environment, it is particularly suitable for a child’s room.

Whether you are planning to paint your interior in matt white or you are looking for a natural, shiny and colorful paint, opt for organic paint. Indeed, whatever the rendering or the color you are looking for, you will be spoilt for choice without any risk to your health!

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