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What Kind of Paint Bathroom – Two Best Kinds of Bathroom Paints

Your bathroom is aging and no longer to your liking, so you are wondering what kind of paint you can you use to restore your Bathroom. You possibly want to repaint the walls, and the pretty bathroom furniture under the attic to give the room a new look.

A small problem arises, you don’t know much about the DIY world. You only know that repainting this damp room requires that you follow certain instructions.

Our experts will give you all the tips you need to choose the right paint for you.

Compared to tiling, painting the walls can give the bathroom a feeling of grandeur. But glycerol paint or acrylic paint? Matt, satin or gloss finish? Ceiling, wall or floor paint? Discover our experts’ guide and don’t ask yourself this type of question anymore.

What Kind of Paint Bathroom -Two Best Paints


Acrylic paint is the most recommended by professionals. This water-based paint is of good quality, perfectly resistant to humidity, water, mold and heat. It does not smell, so it is not very toxic. Acrylic is the best way to make your bathroom watertight.

Acrylic paint is easy to maintain with just a little water. Cheaper and quicker to dry, it is perfect for a renovation or to give your room a facelift. A few tips to consider. You should prefer top-of-the-range acrylic paints for maximum durability. Don’t forget to choose it for humid rooms.


Glycerol is a paint diluted with white spirit. It therefore contains harmful and polluting products and has a strong odor. Nevertheless, this paint is much more resistant to humidity than acrylic. The paint does not flake easily. The glycerol finish can also be washed off. Glycerol paint is often not recommended.

The advice of craftsmen is therefore to prefer acrylic paint. Especially if it is made to cover an entire tile surface. Its installation is only recommended on old glycerol paints to redo the damaged walls of the bathroom.

The Different Finishes for Bathrooms

There are different paint finishes, glossy, matt or satin. The least recommended is the matte finish for the dampest room in the house. Although the matte finish is very aesthetic and hides small defects, it has little resistance to condensation, heat and water splashes.

You can use it on the ceiling if you strongly desire it. Glossy paints have an advantageous characteristic for small rooms, they visually enlarge the space. However, walls and ceilings must be smooth and free of defects, because gloss paint brings out the defects.

However, the glossy finish is still suitable for the dampest room in the house. The most recommended finish is therefore satin. Choose a special satin paint for bathrooms, which are perfectly resistant to condensation, water and heat.

Elements You Can Paint in a Bathroom

What if you want to change the decoration of your room without buying everything? It’s possible, renovate your furniture and equipment without major work and for a stunning effect with paint.

The Furniture

How about you give your furnishings a makeover? It is entirely possible to paint your furniture to change its appearance with a new color and a new finish.

Painting does the job very well; it is not only dedicated to walls and ceilings. For example, glossy paints are perfect for wood and furniture. Preferably, choose a multi-surface or resin-based paint.

Bathtub and Washbasin

You may not know it, but your ceramic elements are also customizable. According to our experts it is preferable to use resin paint. It is much more resistant and durable than acrylic and glycerol.

It is possible to choose another color than white. But be careful with darker colors. If the water in your room is hard, the water may leave white traces of lime. Not very aesthetic or hygienic.

Tiled Surfaces

If your wall is tiled and you don’t have the budget or time to do major work, opt for paint. No need to break, just choose a suitable paint and you’re done. Before installing it, make sure to degrease and clean your tiles for a better adhesion.



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