What Kind of Paint Do You Use To Paint Gutters

What Kind of Paint Do You Use To Paint Gutters – The Best Choices

What kind of paint do you use to paint gutters? Or do you simply want to paint your gutters to give them a facelift? Painting your gutters is not a very difficult operation, but there are some guidelines to follow depending on the materials to paint. Let us look at them.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use To Paint Gutters?

Gutters can be painted with either oil-based or latex-based paint. Here are the best paints for gutters:

  1. Rust-Oleum Latex Paint, Quart Flat White
  2. Rust-Oleum White Chalked Ultra Matte Paint
  3. Diamond Brite Paint Kitchen & Bath
  4. Majic Paints Latex Flat Barn & Fence Paint
  5. INSL-X Acrylic Latex Traffic Paint

For technical reasons, it is best to avoid painting non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc, or copper. Indeed, the painting of these objects must follow a strict enough process to obtain a long-lasting result. However, this is still possible if you follow the steps you will read below.

Zinc Gutter

Zinc gutters, traditionally grey, are not always aesthetically pleasing on a façade. It means you may want to give them a little touch of color to brighten up the appearance of your rainwater drainage system.

You can paint zinc using these steps:

First, degrease the zinc with hot water and 100 g detergent per liter. Then, you can also degrease your gutters with trichloroethylene.

Then leave to dry.

After drying, you should apply a special zinc undercoat to your gutters. That can be a zinc chromate undercoat or a wash primer.

Once the undercoat is dry, apply two coats of paint, either gloss lacquer, or facade paint.

Little tip: You should plan your painting work on a dry day, without wind and without too much sun, for optimal results.

Aluminum Gutter

Aluminum is a smooth surface requiring preparation before painting, just like zinc.

To prevent rust and increase its resistance over time, aluminum is often anodized.  This layer of oxidation protects the aluminum, but also prevents the paint from adhering to the aluminum in your eavestroughs.

To paint the aluminum, you can use 3 types of paint:

– An acrylic latex paint (aqueous phase)

– Glycerol (solvent phase)

– Epoxy (solvent phase)

These paints are readily available commercially in jar or aerosol form. You can paint aluminum directly without primer. However, it is good to apply a special aluminum primer for a better result.

Painting your aluminum gutters is done in a few steps.

Before painting the aluminum, you must degrease and sand the surface, so that it is clean and suitable for painting.

Degrease with a lint-free cloth, which you should soak in acetone or methylated spirits. Then, scrub the surface and let it dry.

Now you need to sand the aluminum. This step is very important because it removes the protective layer, and traces of rust or paint.

The better your sanding, the better the adhesion of your new paint will be. When you finish sanding, rinse the aluminum with water and let it dry.

If you opt for a primer, now is the time to apply it. Mix your primer well, then dip your roller or brush into the pot. Wring out, and then apply the primer in vertical strips.

Finish by crossing the passages by painting the horizontal strips, making sure to cover the entire surface. Allow to dry.

Now paint the aluminum when it is perfectly dry.

PVC Gutter

PVC is also a smooth material that can you can paint under certain conditions. However, you should prepare the surface well and to use the right products.

PVC supports two types of paint:

– Acrylic paint

– Glycerol Paint

To begin, you will need to clean and degrease the PVC surface. Use a cloth, which you should soak in acetone or methylated spirits to degrease the surface you want to paint.

Then lightly sand the surface with fine-grained sandpaper (80 to 100). Use circular movements and do not press too hard. Too much sanding will dig into the surface, but our aim is to increase the adhesion for the undercoat.

Then, you should apply an undercoat, such as aluminum primer, to ensure the best possible adhesion of the PVC paint. Open and mix your pot without whipping with a stick.

You apply the undercoat the same way as for aluminum, in vertical strips, and then cross over by painting the horizontal strips. Allow to dry before applying the paint.

Once dry, your PVC gutter is ready to receive the paint of your choice. Paint with a roller, a brush, or a spray gun. Spraying is still the best method for a streak-free result.

Conclusion – What Kind of Paint Do You Use To Paint Gutters

Whatever the type of your gutters, you are now ready to repaint them! Choose oil or latex based paints and you have no more excuses for not giving your installation a facelift!

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