what kind of paint for a kitchen

What Kind of Paint for a Kitchen – Kinds of Special Paints and Colors

If you are finding it a challenge to know what kind of paint for a kitchen, then this article is for you. Before you paint your kitchen, there are many things you should consider. For example, which color tone fits best? And what kind of color is best for the kitchen? We will make your choice easier with our practical tips.

What Kind of Paint for a Kitchen

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the rooms in which the walls need to be painted more often than in living rooms. Some property owners even oblige their tenants to paint the kitchen at least every three years. The reason: the paint is more exposed to condensation and cooking vapors.

That’s why there are a few things you should bear in mind when renovating your kitchen. It is not only the properties of the paint type that matter. If your kitchen is also a dining room, the color tone also plays an important role. We have compiled the most important tips for you.

Special Colors for the Kitchen

In the vast majority of cases it is not too difficult to paint the kitchen. Tiles usually hang on the surface above the stove, sink and work areas. These are resistant to water, grease, and other contaminants.

You can easily clean the tiles, but not the wallpaper. If you don’t have a tiled mirror in your kitchen, you can prevent soiling with special wall paints.

Dispersion Kitchen Paint

Dispersion paint is the “conventional” wall paint, for example from the DIY store. It consists of a water base, color pigments and a binding agent. The dispersion paint has a high covering power and dries well, so you can quickly achieve satisfactory results with it. You can make sure that the paint is free of artificial binders and preservatives.

Ecological Kitchen Paint

Ecological wall paints such as clay paints or lime paints are free of artificial binders and preservatives. Therefore, they particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. However, they are only suitable for the kitchen to a limited extent, as they are not always waterproof.

Such paints should therefore not come into contact with splashing water, such as over the sink.

Latex Kitchen Paint

Latex paint is the best choice for the kitchen. It forms a waterproof film on the surface and thus protects the plaster or wallpaper. You can wash it off with a damp sponge so that you can clean it easily. Latex paint is also abrasion-resistant, and therefore more durable than other paints.

It will not be difficult until the next renovation, because latex paint is also harder to paint over than other paints. Attention: Latex paint usually contains preservatives that can cause allergies.

Which Color Tone for the Kitchen

It is well known that rooms painted in different colors have different effects on us. You should also pay attention to this when painting your kitchen.

Yellow Kitchen Paint C0lor

Yellow gives an impression of light and warmth. It is particularly suitable for the kitchen in muted colors. As a wall color, yellow can be combined excellently with white and light furnishings.

Green Kitchen Paint Color

Green makes a natural and relaxed impression. Traditional kitchens with (darker) wooden elements tolerate a dark green better, whereas modern kitchens tolerate lighter shades of green. Be careful with very garish and toxic colors. You should only use these sparingly, or as specific accents.

Red Kitchen Paint Color

Red is one of the most popular colors for the kitchen. The reason is that red tones are said to be appetizing. Apart from that, red is also very flexible, so you can combine it in many different ways.

Blue Kitchen Paint Color

Blue is a cool and calming color. Unlike red, it is said to help to curb the appetite, but not everyone likes it in the kitchen. Purple and grey shades have a similar effect.

By the way, an old country saying says that blue color keeps insects away. It is said that blue is unpleasant for flies, so they avoid blue walls and surfaces. For this reason, doors and window frames were often painted blue in the past.

Conclusion – Kitchen Paints

Whether this really has an effect is not scientifically proven. Blue is at the center of the visible color spectrum of many insects, so many of them can even be attracted by blue. But at least the color does serve its purpose. This is because flies that settle on blue surfaces keep away from fruit and vegetables.

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