What Kind of Paint for Bedroom Walls – Tips to Help You

Do you want to know what kind of paint for bedroom walls is the best? To dress the walls of a room, paint is ideal. Healthier than tapestry or wallpaper, which can favor dust mites and require the use of glue, paint allows you to personalize your decoration. Among the multitude of existing paints, which ones are are the best for your bedroom?

What Kind of Paint for Bedroom Walls

The most commonly used are water-based paints. Among them, acrylic is the big favorite. It has many qualities: it contains few solvents, is odorless, and dries quickly. In addition, it does not yellow in the sun, and is diluted with water, making it easier to clean brushes.

Nevertheless, most paints still contain toxic substances, although less so. It is therefore advisable to turn to natural paints, based on castor oil, and soybean oil. On the other hand, lime paints or paints with casein – a milk protein – are cheap, easy to prepare, and stable over time, and are good alternatives.

The Eco-Label

To choose the healthiest room paint possible, look for paints with the eco-label. These indications guarantee the absence of heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, and lead) in the products. These natural paints are therefore perfect for the bedroom. Their only drawback: the range of colors remains a little limited.

Special Paints for Bedroom Walls

There are also an increasing number of “special” paints with various properties. For example, there are noise-reducing paints, which attenuate shrill sounds such as sirens, alarms, bells, or noises produced by your household appliances. They are ideal if you live in an apartment.

Anti-pollution paints are also popular in bedrooms. They absorb formaldehydes, found in some industrial glues and cigarette smoke, for example, which are volatile carcinogens. For the bedroom, there are also insulating paints, which maintain the temperature of the walls by capturing heat from the room air. This reduces condensation.

What Color and Finish for the Paint in the Room?

Before choosing the paint for the room, think about the finish you want. In general, satin finishes, which will have a slightly glossy finish, are more reserved for children’s bedrooms. They bring light and shine, but let the slightest roughness of the walls show through.

For the bedroom, we tend to prefer a matt finish, which will create a sober and soothing atmosphere. Matt paint also reduces reflections, and masks irregularities in the walls and ceiling, or small drips left during application. Non-washable, matt finish paint is suitable for rooms with low traffic, such as bedrooms.

What Kind of Paint for Bedroom Walls

When it comes to colors, we enjoy ourselves and listen to our desires, but we try to create a soothing space that is conducive to rest. Therefore, avoid colors that are too energizing, such as red, orange, and bright yellow. Prefer cool colors, in harmony with your furniture and decorative objects.

The blue room in all its shades will bring a calm and serene atmosphere, an ideal color for a soothing room. Green, in shades of water green and almond green, for example, will create a relaxing room. On the other hand, natural shades such as taupe, linen, grey or beige will contribute to the well-being of the room, in a classic and timeless style.

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