what kind of paint for living room walls

What Kind of Paint for Living Room Walls – Discover the Best Colors to Use

Do you want to know what kind of paint for living room walls is the best? The living room is where we spend most of our time, and where we welcome our guests for an aperitif, dinner, or a simple coffee.

At the same time, it is the environment where you usually relax, play with your children, or watch marathons of TV series and movies.

If you think about it, we spend most of our time in this room, and it is obligatory to choose the right color so that we don’t regret it later on.

To avoid mistakes, the first thing you have to pay attention to is the style of your house. For example, it may not be possible to paint a shabby room in a modern style.

Keep in mind that with dark colors, frames, paintings, and all the things hanging on the wall will stand out. On the other hand, if you prefer light colors, it will be the sofa, armchairs, and shelves that will jump immediately to the eye.

You can also think of using more colors to match each other. For example, you can look at the color palette that defines your living room and then choose how to paint the walls. You can even risk combinations in stark contrast with the rest of the room.

Furthermore, you can also play with room elements, creating geometric shapes around doors and windows, or differentiate the ceiling.

But let’s look at the characteristics of each color more specifically.

What Kind of Paint for Living Room Walls

  1. White Living Room

I will start from the white color that gives light and purity to the room, and is the most used painting in houses.

Thanks to this color, you can give a feeling of more space, perfect for small stays.

According to some people, this color is impersonal and cold, but if you combine it with dove-colored furniture or wooden elements, it will allow you to highlight furniture and decorations.

White is the color par excellence that is used in shabby style, but also in Nordic or Scandinavian style.

  1. Blue Living Room

This color is usually used in homes with a marine style, and you can combine it with white to avoid being too heavy.

You can also color the entire living room with this color, as long as it is not too dark, but is more tending towards blue.

In addition to white, you can combine blue with black, grey, and yellow.

The combination of blue walls with yellow furniture is a great mix that will amaze you and those who will visit you.

  1. What Kind of Paint for Living Room Walls – Beige Living Room

Another color for the living room that is really used is beige. These pigments express warmth, and can be used individually, or in combination with white.

Moreover, it is perfect for classic style furniture, but its serious style will allow you to use it also in houses with a modern, vintage, or industrial taste.

  1. Stay Turtledove

The color is very fashionable and you can use in houses with modern settings, but also vintage and industrial (a bit like beige).

Furthermore, it’s a good compromise when you do not want classic white, but you don’t want to color your living room with grey. The turtledove is a shade that envelops you in its warmth, and at the same time gives you a feeling of relaxation.

  1. What Kind of Paint for Living Room Walls – Grey Living Room

After mentioning it in the previous paragraph, we now move on to the peculiarities of the grey living room.

If you are looking for what color to match the walls of your living room with the parquet, the answer may be this color.

You can match the various shades of grey, with black, aluminum, and metal elements, but not only that, you can also dare with yellow or red.

The grey living room can be in classic style, but we can also find modern ones where maybe the wall has cement grey color.

  1. Red Living Room

Another color I love is red, but coloring all the living room walls with this pigment is a real gamble.

Usually it is better to use it on a single wall and match it with white furniture, which will create a lot of contrast.

You can use it in a classic or Scandinavian style house.

  1. Yellow Living Room

Like red, yellow is a color that you don’t always see in a living room, but its brilliance and the good mood it manages to give will make you think again.

You can easily combine it with other colors such as blue, black, and white. Moreover, you can use this color in modern style, but also in the classic in a slightly more subtle version.

  1. Green Living Room

Green is the color reminiscent of nature and many interior designers appreciate it.

Perfect to use in a classic house, you can use it throughout the room or to stand out a single wall.

If you opt for this color, you might think about combining it with black furniture, which will stand out and give elegance to your living room.

  1. Pink Living Room

Another truly atypical color for a stay is pink. Surely by choosing this color, you will leave quite a few people speechless.

This shade, which we usually find only in girls’ bedrooms, goes well with vintage style furniture from the 60s and 70s.

If pink will be the living room color you choose, I suggest you to furnish it with white, but also grey decorations and furnishings.

  1. What Kind of Paint for Living Room Walls – Purple Living Room

I close with another eccentric and especially feminine color, purple.

A stay of this kind is rare and this can be one of its strong points. If you decide to use it, make sure the room is very bright. Furthermore, concentrate on white furniture and objects in order to create a contrast with the walls.

The style to prefer with the purple living room is vintage, or if you use it on one wall, the Nordic style.



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