What Kind of Paint to Use on Wood

What Kind of Paint for Wood – Discover Things to Consider

What kind of paint for wood is the best? One way to renovate a shelf, a table, or any object you have made of wood is to paint it. This way you will see it as brand new or with a different approach.

The range of options for painting wood is constantly expanding nowadays. Learn how to choose types of wood paint to give your home the style you like.

What Kind of Paint for Wood

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Paints

You should think about whether you’re going to use it inside or outside the house. For example, interior wood paint is good for painting inside, but not the other way around.

In addition, outdoor paint has to protect the wood, since humidity, rain, and other elements can damage it.

  1. Appearance

The painting defines the aesthetics you want the furniture to have and it depends on your tastes.

Finish: The finish is important because it gives the wood personality and aesthetics. It can be glossy, satin or matt.

Color: Each paint has its own range of colors, although you can also have personalized colors.

The primer serves as an adhesive for the top coat and to seal and protect the wood. In addition, the woodwork is finished very carefully. It is advisable to use the same or a similar color as the top coat.

  1. Glazes or Lacquers

They can be glossy, satin or matte, and have a high, and long-lasting shine. Furthermore, they look smooth and are a hard paint, and resistant to wear and impact.

Glazes and lacquers are the most widely used products for wooden doors in homes and some furniture.

  1. What Kind of Paint for Wood – Decorative Effect Paint

There are several types of decorative effect paint:

Firstly, chalk paint: the finish of the chalk paint is ultra-matte and the look and feel is rough like chalk. It is recommended that you follow some tips to apply the paint to the chalk.

Secondly, milky paint: milky paint is environmentally friendly and very easy to use. Thirdly, we have pearly or metallic effect.

  1. Plastic Paint

It can be matte, satin or glossy. Moreover, it is halfway between chalk paint and glazes, as it looks and feels smooth but not as smooth as the latter.

To the touch, the plastic paint feels like the paint on the walls, without giving the sensation of robustness of the glazes and lacquers.

  1. What Kind of Paint for Wood – Water-Based Paint

It is much more practical as it allows you to clean with water the utensils you use to paint or the parts of your body that you accidentally stain with paint.

In addition, with water-based paint you avoid buying solvents or turpentine. However, solvent-based paints tend to have better quality and durability.

  1. Varnishes

Interior and exterior varnishes penetrate the wood without forming a layer on top. In this way, the wood breathes and the balance between the material’s own humidity and that of the environment in which it is found is always maintained.

They protect and beautify the wood while respecting its natural appearance or giving it a touch of color thanks to decorative furniture varnishes.

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