What Kind of Paint Is Good For Wood

What Kind of Paint Is Good For Wood – The Best Types

What kind of paint is good for wood? Today’s industry offers consumers a wide range of wood paints that vary in composition and application methods. The most common ones are:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Alkyd paints
  • Oil paints
  • Latex paints

What Kind of Paint Is Good For Wood

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint for wooden furniture is based on acrylic, cyanoacrylic, or methacrylic acid polymers. The composition is an aqueous acrylate solution that is virtually odorless.

In addition, it dries quickly and does not harm your health. Its great advantage is increased fire safety, which reduces material damage in case of fire.

It adheres well not only to surfaces made of wood, but also to wood-like surfaces – plywood, chipboard, MDF. Moreover, most acrylic paints for wood furniture contain antiseptic additives.

They prevent the formation of mold and fungus, and thus significantly extend the life of products. Further, you can find a wide range of acrylic-based paints at competitive prices.

Alkyd Paints

Alkyd paint is known for its high hydrophobicity, which ensures its wide application in the coloring of wooden surfaces. The main component of the composition is alkyd varnish, which is mixed with solvent, fillers, and other additives.

Pentaphthalic lacquer consisting of thick resin, glycerin, rosin, and vegetable oils is most often used in production of such paint for wooden furniture.

Oil Paints

Oil-based paints are made of olive or vegetable oils, in which fillers and suspensions of inorganic pigments are added. They are easy to use, cheap, but have a sharp and unpleasant smell. It means you should use them for outdoor work (for example, for painting garden furniture).

Latex Compositions

In recent years, water emulsion paints made with a water emulsion based on latex have become very popular. They easily penetrate into wood pores, and create a waterproof film that is permeable to air.

When you apply the material, no bubbles form on the surface. Furthermore, the coating serves for many years without losing its operational and decorative properties.

Selection of Paints for Furniture Made Of Wood

When choosing a paint for furniture made of natural wood, you should take into account the needs of the final result of coloring. If it is necessary to preserve the noble texture of wood, you should use colorless materials, which leave a beautiful wood pattern in view.

Colorless paints allow you to paint furniture in any shade that you desire. Therefore, you can achieve a spectacular combination of interior objects and room design.

If you need to quickly process the surface without difficult preparation for painting, acrylic paint is the best option. It is available in cans, and is therefore economical.

You can apply it exactly where you need it. Keep in mind that we use an oil paint for wooden furniture to obtain a matt surface, and alkyd composition is best for protection against moisture.

Using Paints for Furniture Made Of Wood

Despite the rich range of paints for wooden furniture, water-based formulations are the best solution. You can use them to create a durable and wear-resistant coating.

For instance, it does not run out during application and does not leave a leak. Materials are sold in different colors, but if you want to achieve a light tone, you should dilute the paint with water.

If you want the furniture to see the natural texture of wood, before painting, you should cover the base with a stain or mordant. It is best to use mordant as it gives a more natural effect, and contains a large number of tannins, which provide excellent adhesion to the substrate.

The use of paints for home furniture made of wood requires tools and consumables that you will need for surface treatment:

  • Brushes of different widths
  • Roller
  • Masking tape
  • Gloves for hand skin protection

What Kind of Paint Is Good For Wood

Before starting the painting of furniture, it is necessary to prepare it carefully for the upcoming work. First, you should remove all handles, hinges, drawers, doors, and hinges from cabinets. Then, carry out further preparation for the application of paint for furniture made of wood in several stages:

Remove old lacquer, grease, wax or paint from the surface to gain direct access to the wood. For this purpose, use coarse sandpaper, which “sands” the base along the wood fibers.

After cleaning, remove dust from the furniture. It is better to do this with a brush, as rags can clog pores.

Then, treat the hard-to-reach areas with a fine sandpaper, and then clean the dust with a brush.

The last step before applying the paint to refine furniture made of wood is to clean the room where you will do the painting. Finally, you need to wipe the prepared furniture with a wet cloth and start the finishing work.

How to Paint Furniture

In order to obtain a high-quality and uniform coating, it is best to start the treatment of furniture with paint on its sides. For this purpose, use a thin brush, which you should carefully paint over corners and hard-to-reach places. After finishing the sides, you can start painting the front surface, for which it is advisable to use a velour roller.

First, apply the first coat of wood furniture paint. To obtain a smooth finish, work quickly until the material dries up. To apply the second coat, wait until the first one is dry. If there are any leaks in the base during the initial treatment, remove them with a special emery sponge.

Apply the second coat in the same way as the first one. In the presence of complex elements on the furniture, paint them separately, highlighting the work area with paint tape.

After drying the second coat of paint is desirable to seal with varnish or sealant. These formulations will not only protect the coating from scratches, but also give it a shine and a more aesthetic look.

To varnish the product over wood paint for furniture, it is better to use acrylic lacquer. For lacquering, pour the composition in a small container. Then take a foam sponge, dip it in the lacquer, lightly squeeze, and walk on the surface. After the first layer of lacquer is dry, apply the second one.

Conclusion – What Kind of Paint Is Good For Wood

Restoration is not a difficult task, which will bring old furniture back to life. The main thing is to pick up a good paint, which will help you to save money for the purchase of new items of home interior.





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