what kind of paint to use for bedroom

What Kind of Paint to Use for Bedroom – The Best Color Ideas to Use

Do you want to know what kind of paint to use for bedroom? The bedroom is the place where relaxation and peace should be at home. Not only the bed, furniture, pictures and other living accessories contribute to this, but also seemingly small details such as colors.

These have a direct effect on our feelings. They can make us feel happy or sad, lively or relaxed. Even if they have no conscious influence on our sleep, they help us to switch off, to get some rest, and to get up in the morning. We will tell you which colors are best for the bedroom, and which ones you should avoid.

What Kind of Paint to Use for Bedroom

Pastel shades are generally more suitable for the bedroom, because strong colors would stir us up too much and give us strength, which we cannot use at night. Light colors create a peaceful atmosphere, and make small bedrooms seem more spacious.

Important Tip

Several different colors and working with contrasts (for example, carpets, pictures, and curtains), make the bedroom more lively. But not everyone is enthusiastic about it. Fewer colors, on the other hand, make a softer and calmer impression, which might be too boring for some people in the bedroom.

Energy through Red

This color is very energetic. If you don’t want to do without it in the bedroom, you can simply use red to set accents, for example, with a bouquet of red roses, with red cushions, or a red carpet. Painting a wall red could give the bedroom a special touch.

Pink For Mental and Spiritual Balance

Color therapists consider the color pink in the bedroom to be particularly “sleep-inducing” alongside green, blue and indigo. This color is a very soft and sensual color, which helps us to find inner peace and serenity.

You can use it in the sense of “optimistic, pleasant, positive”: We see something through rose-colored glasses or float on pink clouds.

Yellow And Orange, the Colors of Happiness

Yellow – like the rising sun – awakens every room. A warm shade of yellow is lively, warm and cozy, can improve the sense of wellbeing and give rise to optimism.

Orange symbolizes happiness and the power of love. In the bedroom, however, yellow and orange should not be too strong and dominant, but preferably chosen in a milder tone, such as apricot.

What Kind of Paint to Use for Bedroom – Blue, like The Blue of the Sky and Water

We combine blue tones with peace and relaxation. They remind us of the blue of the sky and water and have a positive influence on pulse and blood pressure.

By the way, blue walls in the bedroom are a wonder weapon against snack cravings. After all, there is no such thing as blue food, so blue does not unconsciously remind us of food. So appetite is left out and sleep is relaxed and restful.

Green, the Color of Nature

Green is a popular color that is often used for guest rooms, baby rooms and bedrooms. We associate it with peace, happiness, security, and health. From cool green tones such as “jade” or “mint” to warm, fresh yellow-green – the cooler, the more relaxing the effect.

A real dream team for the bedroom is the combination of green and blue. Green also seems to reduce people’s sensitivity to noise. It is therefore, ideal for bedrooms facing the street, which are close to noise.

Brown, the Color of Nature

Warm, earthy tones have a cozy effect and provide warmth and security. In the bedroom, however, brown should not be used too strongly or extensively – otherwise it could have an oppressive effect. It is better to use brown sparingly or rather in a muted, brighter form.

White Looks Clean But Cool!

A bedroom with white walls and white furniture can appear clean and fresh, or cold, boring, and sterile. If you don’t want to do without white in the bedroom, set colorful accents with bed linen, pillows or other accessories. Set the white in scene or skillfully in the background. A good alternative would also be egg shell or ivory white.

Which Kind of Paint to Use for Bedroom – Purple, the Color of Kings

Lavender and lilac are exotic, but also noble and luxurious colors. Lilac as a wall paint has a stimulating and creative effect, but not everyone appreciates it. We often associate purple tones with supernatural powers, intuition, and femininity, and give the room a festive atmosphere.

Used with restraint, purple tones could create a mysterious, feminine, meditative atmosphere in the bedroom, without appearing sacred. However, we do not recommend strong purple in the bedroom.



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