what kind of paint to use in a kitchen

What Kind of Paint to Use in a Kitchen – Best Kitchen Paints

Do you want to know what kind of paint to use in a kitchen? Organizing the kitchen is a very important issue during renovation. We must not only take into account the color and decoration preferences, but also think about the use we want to give to this space.

The materials you use should be durable and resistant, which is why we often decide to lay the walls with ceramic tiles. That is because they are easier to keep clean.

However, not everyone agrees with this solution, and it is why you should choose paint that offers many more arrangement and maintenance options. What type of paint for the kitchen should I choose to get the color of my dreams?

Moreover, what paint is resistant to various types of dirt and water? Read on!

Which Paints Should I Choose To Paint The Kitchen?

We have many types of paint on the market, but not all are suitable for use in a room such as the kitchen.

Keeping the kitchen clean can be a problem. Grease splashes from the frying pan during frying, juices and sauces are just some of the most common spots that can appear on the wall during meal preparation.

These stains are difficult to remove, and to wash them off, you can break up the surface layer of paint.

That’s why it’s so important that the paint you use to paint the kitchen walls is resistant to washing, even with the use of detergents and scrubbing. Therefore, we should choose paints with the first class of rub resistance.

Thanks to this, we can easily replace ceramic tiles, even on surfaces that often get dirty (for example, around the oven).

The kitchen is also very damp. For example, steam floats on the walls as you cook. Under such conditions, fungi and molds develop. They can adversely affect the health of the home and contribute to the many diseases.

Therefore, the paint you choose for your kitchen should have hydrophobic properties.

For instance, it should protect the walls against moisture and biocidal properties, and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. If the paint meets certain conditions, it is good for painting walls in the kitchen.

What Kind of Paint to Use in a Kitchen: Properties of a Correct Paint

It should be an emulsion designed to paint walls in kitchens and bathrooms. This is usually a latex paint with the addition of silicone. In its composition, there are also particles of pure silver. It creates a protective layer on the wall surface, which protects the wall against fungi.

In this way, you can maintain optimal hygienic conditions in the room. They remain as long as the paint is on the wall.

Therefore, it is not necessary to repaint the walls frequently to provide adequate protection. This paint also has a higher resistance to moisture than other paints, and is resistant to washing and scrubbing.

In addition, it does not splash while painting, and does not release unpleasant odors. Also, it is available in ready-to-use colors with a matt or satin finish.

Conclusion- Painting Walls with the Right Paint

You should apply the paint on clean, strong and dry substrates, free of dust and dirt. In the case of grease and dirt stains, you should wash them with water and detergent beforehand. You should also remove the mold or fungus with biocides.

Furthermore, you should prime and fill loose coatings with the appropriate filling compound for all cracks and cavities. Finally, make sure you only paint a clean and dry surface.

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