what kind of paint to use in kitchen

What Kind of Paint to Use in Kitchen – The Best Ideas

Are you thinking about what kind of paint to use in kitchen? In addition, maybe you want a washable wall paint in the kitchen? We will tell you the differences, and which color is the right one for your kitchen.

What Kind of Paint to Use in Kitchen

The Right Choice For Your Kitchen

  1. Shade of Color

You should first decide what color shade you want your wall to have before choosing the ideal color for your kitchen. Remember you are free to choose the color tone!

Whether it’s pastel, colored or subtle in grey, taupe or white – browse through the color palette and choose your favorite color as the first step.

  1. Color Type / Material

Which color do you want, which material is the right one? Once you have chosen your color tone, you should determine the type of wall color for your kitchen.

You can choose between a highly covering and very economical wall paint, a washable latex paint, and a mineral bio-silicate variant. These three types are easy to apply, and perfect for wall and ceiling surfaces in the kitchen.

What Kind of Paint to Use in Kitchen – Latex Paint

The latex paint is often used in the kitchen area, as its silk matt surface has the best cleaning properties. For example, if you use latex paint, you can remove one or the other stain with a damp cloth. So, this is a washable wall paint.

Latex paint is convincing with its matt appearance, high opacity and yield. You also get a little more paint with one liter of latex paint than with the other two interior wall paints.


For mineral surfaces, the bio-silicate paint with its higher breathability, the so-called diffusion openness, is the best option.

Conclusion – What Kind of Paint to Use in Kitchen

Choosing the right paint for your kitchen should be easy using the above information. For the best outcome, you can choose latex paint. It gives you an easy cleaning time, and you can remove stains with a damp cloth.


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