what kind of paint to use on bedroom walls

What Kind of Paint to Use on Bedroom Walls – The Best Colors to Use

Do you want to know what kind of paint to use on bedroom walls? The bedroom is a very special place in the house. It is both a place to sleep and a sheltered retreat, and the room for reading and dreaming. It is also a cuddling oasis or the actual family room.

There is no question that the room is important for a successful start to the day and a restful night’s sleep. Since more and more people are becoming aware of this, they want to redesign their bedroom to balance it and make it suitable for themselves.

However, buying beautiful furniture is not enough. The wall design also has a lasting effect on the mind of the residents.

We have put together a list of things you should consider when renovating the walls of your room. They include the choice of colors for your furniture, and which colors go particularly well with your individual sense of well-being.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Bedroom Walls

Important Things to Consider

Colors have a direct effect on the emotional life. They can be calming, warming, and trusting. On the other hand, some colors stimulate the mind, enliven all the senses, or even make you aggressive.

Therefore, you should find out beforehand exactly what other purpose you want to use the room for (apart from nightly rest). Do you want to move a work area in or are large wardrobes dominating and the walls disappearing behind them?

Is the room you want to paint in a uniform solid color or do you want to skillfully combine tones of furniture and walls? It is helpful to hang a painted piece of wallpaper on the bed before painting it completely new.

In this way, you can check the direct color perception of the new color you want for several days without obligation. Only then can you start brushing. The same applies in reverse when selecting the right furniture.

Here it is best to request material samples and to test how these will work in combination with the entire room. In furniture stores, there are usually different lighting conditions than in the bedroom at home – so the dream bed at home may look completely different.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Bedroom Walls

Effects of Different Colors


You don’t have to have four bright green walls if you want to include the color green. Most people perceive green as calming and natural. You can combine green with bedroom furniture made of natural wood. Cooler tones, such as mint or pastel green, relax the eyes and create harmony and a peaceful feeling of the surroundings.

If you want to integrate bedroom furniture in green into the room, we recommend a neutral wall color (for example, white), as you may otherwise clutter the room. Children’s furniture is the exception, as children’s rooms are often very colorful and combine many colors.


The cool and usually dominant color turquoise has a calming and slightly sterile effect. Therefore, public bathrooms or corridors in hospitals are painted with the antiseptic color.

Petrol can be useful in the bedroom if the color is only used for accentuation. Moreover, only one or two walls should be painted with it, or individual pieces of furniture such as bed and bedside table should have this color.

In general, petrol is a mixture of green and blue, although the impact can be stronger in either direction. Colloquially, the color is also known as turquoise, although it is generally darker in tone.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Bedroom Walls – Blue

A royal blue tone has an incredibly encouraging effect and calms the entire vegetative nervous system. The dark tone virtually swallows the viewer.

Therefore, this color is particularly suitable for large bedroom rooms, which are to be made cozy and homely. Light blue tones on the other hand have a cooling effect on the observer.

They can be helpful for hot-tempered people who want to get away from it all in the bedroom and seek a distance from the day’s events. This applies both to furniture and to the color tone of the room wall.


The baroque color tone conveys a certain heaviness and solemnity. If you like it opulent and mystical in your bedroom, this color tone is a good choice for your wall paint. But one should consider that the mood between four purple walls can quickly become melancholic.

It is better to use this color only discreetly. You can do little wrong with a bed in this color; the choice of color here emphasizes the importance you attach to your bedroom.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Bedroom Walls – Pink

Pink has a sensitizing and soothing effect. It is the ideal color for people who want to relax in the bedroom and pursue their dreams. Pink goes well with white bedroom furniture. Beds in pink are rather unusual, but especially popular for girls’ bedrooms.


An earthy brown tone can be cozy – as long as it is not painted room-high. Chocolate brown radiates a sense of security and makes you feel grounded. You can combine the shade with pink and white.

This applies in both directions, so that brown bedroom furniture in white or pink rooms comes into its own. Therefore, it creates a pleasant contrast to the light wall color.


The warm and radiant orange is often used in Mediterranean-style bedrooms. If you paint walls with orange color, they will give off a certain warmth that can remind you of the morning sun. Unfortunately the color is difficult to combine and many pieces of furniture do not go well with it.

It is therefore better to use orange only in a pointed way. Our tip: If you decide on a bed in this color, we recommend a wall with little color.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Bedroom Walls – Yellow

A sunny yellow conveys joy of life and enlightenment – who can have enough of that? The reason why yellow is so practical and beautiful in interior design is that it blends in perfectly with the living environment in all its nuances.

Whether bright lemon yellow or soft sorbet yellow, the color brings width and light into the room, and makes the bedroom look larger. It is ideal as a wall paint or when choosing furniture.






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