What Kind of Paint to Use on Metal Roof

What Kind of Paint to Use on Metal Roof – Discover the Best Guide

Are you searching for the best guide on what kind of paint to use on metal roof? Repainting a roof is an excellent way to give it a new look. That is as long as the roof is in good condition, and not porous. In other words, repainting a damaged roof will not spare you from doing repairs and cleaning/defoaming beforehand.

Roof paint will give your tiles a new shine, and if you choose a water-repellent paint, it will enhance the protection of your roof covering. But do not count on paint to “plug” infiltrations and hide mold, that is not its function.

Let’s find out here what you need to know about roof paint.

Best Metal Roof Paints

These are the top picks for the best metal roof paints on the market:

Liquid Rubber Metal Roof Waterproof Membrane Coating

Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant

DAMES MSS1 Maximum Stretch Roof Coating

Black Jack Roof and Foundation Liquid Coating

What Kind of Paint to Use on Metal Roof

There are slate paint, tile paint, zinc paint, and water-repellent paint. Moreover, there are fungicide paint, anti-UV paint, colored paint, and colorless roof varnish. Most roof paints are waterproof or water-repellent: they allow water to slide on your roof faster.

Important to Know

You will not be able to repaint your roof with just any type of exterior paint: you must choose a paint suitable for your roof covering. It will adhere perfectly to the surface, and protect your materials.

Roof Paints and Their Use

Here are the main categories of roof paint:

Clear roof varnish: improves the hydrophobic qualities of a roof without changing its appearance. When using this type of paint, you only require a single coat.

Acrylic roof paint: resists very well to exterior conditions, limits water penetration, and renovates.

Polyurethane roofing resin: mainly for terraces and flat roofs, and limits water penetration.

Just as it is essential to clean, defoam, and treat your roof, applying a water repellent treatment is often a good idea. Water-repellent paints are available, but we think it is better and more effective to apply a water-repellent treatment first, then a roof paint.

Some paints can also help to strengthen the thermal insulation of your roof by reflecting the sun’s rays and helping to protect the attic from extreme heat. Once again, beware: paint will never replace an insulation or under-roof screen!

Beware of Cheap Paints

Be careful, do not let “low cost” paints tempt you: although waterproofing, roof paints must be microporous. They protect while allowing the surface they cover to breathe.

Cheap paints will tend to smother your material, and create moisture and mold problems in your roof structure. That means precipitation, sun and weather, as well as pollution, will weaken or fade your roof covering.

This can lead to problems of porosity, moss and leaks, against which you will first have to carry out roof renovation work. On the other hand, painting your roof can prevent or delay certain problems, and ensure the longevity of your roof.

Consult before you start painting your roof: you may have a limit on the colors or materials to use.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Metal Roof

Corrosion attacking metal roofs can be fatal to your roof. If the roof has rust, it is best to apply two to three coats of metal roof paint. After sanding and degreasing with acetone, it will provide your roof with lasting protection.

Metal roof paint is suitable for pre-painted siding, aluminum, and galvanized steel. This type of roof may require the application of an anti-corrosion primer before receiving the final coat of paint.

Solar Reflective Roof Paint

A reflective roof paint is resin-based, and available in several colors, although white is more effective. These paints also have the advantage of being waterproof, mold resistant, and durable.

They also have significant thermal insulation qualities. Thanks to its properties, this roof paint is able to reflect the heat of the sun. This helps to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the building.

Acrylic Roof Paint

This paint is popular with painters, and is made from acrylic resin. It is easy to mix and clean with water. Once you apply it to the roof, it hardens quickly in contact with the open air.

This paint also offers an excellent level of adhesion with various materials such as wood, plaster, and plastic. You can therefore use it to paint a roof as well as the walls of the house. Moreover, it is odorless and offers a wide choice of colors.

Paint for Flat Roofs

It is composed of a solvent mixed with polyurethane resin and oil. The level of toxicity of this paint requires special precautions. Further, it takes some time to dry.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Metal Roof

Never underestimate painting a roof, since it is a delicate and dangerous task. If you are not a professional, you should hire expert painters.

Each type of paint comes with its own installation instructions: be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can apply roof paint with a brush, but the result will be uniform if you apply it with a spray gun.

Respect the drying time between 2 coats, if you apply two coats.

You must sand some paints after installation. Once the paint is completely dry, you can remove the remaining sand from your roof with a wide brush.

If you decide to repaint your roof yourself, follow the safety instructions for working at height, and always avoid working alone.

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