What Order Do You Paint A Room

What Order Do You Paint a Room – The Best Guide

What order do you paint a room? If you are going to paint a room in your home, the first thing you must do is to protect the furniture.

In addition, you must cover switches, floor, baseboards, frames, windows, and other elements that you cannot remove. Once you have everything ready, you can start painting using the following tips.

What Order Do You Paint a Room

When it comes to painting, the problem arises when you get ready to paint, but you do not know what order to follow. The best way is to start from the top and work downwards, to avoid droplet marks.

Besides, if you are going to paint your room, the most convenient way is to always start by painting the ceiling. In this way, you can paint all the marks or drops, that the paint generates, as you continue to color downwards.

In addition to painting from top to bottom, it is also important to paint pieces of about 60 centimeters. That is both vertically and horizontally. In this way, you will manage to spread all the paint well. Moreover, you will prevent the paint from accumulating in certain areas of the wall.

Painting a Room?

It is also very important to paint little by little. In addition, you should make small pauses in order not to exhaust yourself. Further, once you paint the first layer, you should not run and paint the second one afterwards. That is because the paint is still wet and not completely dry.

Depending on the type of paint or the brand itself, the recommendations may vary. You should generally always leave a minimum of 8 hours for the paint to dry completely. In some cases, the drying time can take 24 hours.

Conclusion – What Order To Follow When Painting a Room

Once the paint completely dries, and you are ready to paint the second layer, you must follow the same order as in the first layer. Remember to paint from the highest areas to the lowest ones.


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