what paint do you use for door

What Paint Do You Use For Doors – The Best Guide

What paint do you use for doors? Door paint can be of various tones. However, in terms of composition we do not have so many options to choose from. Therefore, we should always choose the paint that best suits the door we have to paint. Let us look at what type of paint to choose.

What Paint Do You Use For Doors

Water-based paints: This type of paint is long lasting, and retains color and shine for a long time. In addition, these paints have a composition that reduces the problems that a door can give us over time. Also, they wash quickly, with water and soap, and dry quickly.

Oil paints: They are similar to water paints in their advantages, but provide a little more shine. However, to clean a door with this type of paint, you will need a special thinner. In addition, once we paint, it takes longer to dry.

Plastic paints: This type of paint is made from a compound of synthetic resin (vinyl or acrylic), and is emulsified in water and diluted. It doesn’t smell, dries very fast, and is easy to clean. Furthermore, these paints offer different types of finishes: matt, satin, or gloss.

Synthetic enamel paints: Keep in mind that this type of paint needs a solvent to dilute it and to clean it. Furthermore, they dry between 5 and 10 hours, and their finish is hard, resistant, and washable. They come in glossy finishes for the exterior, and satin and matte finishes for interiors.


In addition to the paint, you will need the well-known varnishes, which serve to protect and embellish the wood once you paint it. Varnishes are variants with incorporated dye and in various finishes: oak, chestnut, walnut, mahogany, and more.

We will also find those that are protective of the wood, and are best for exterior doors. That is because they are products that penetrate in the wood in a deep way. Furthermore, they contain water-repellent substances, fungicides and insecticides, which protect the wood.

The appearance of the product is matt and semi-transparent. Before choosing the type of paint and protector, we must also take into account the finish of each one of these.

What Paint Do You Use For Doors – Types of Finishes

Opaque finishes: These are used for those doors with the greatest number of imperfections. That is because they hide them much better.

Matt or semi-matt finishes: Ideal for large surfaces such as window frames or precisely, doors, and give a somewhat muted tone.

Glossy or semi-gloss finishes: These are the finishes that are usually used to highlight details. For example, they highlight details such as doors and window frames, and are easy to clean.



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