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What Paint Do You Use For Interior Doors – The Best Guide

What paint do you use for interior doors? Painting interior doors with your own hands is an affordable way to upgrade them. This simple project will restore life to the old canvas and blend it harmoniously with your interior.

For a successful painting, it is necessary to choose the right paint material, stock up on the necessary tools, and adhere to several simple rules. Let us find out the best way to go about it.

What Paint Do You Use For Interior Doors

Painting your interior doors involves preparation and direct application of the paintwork material. However, you must make the right choice before taking these steps.

The following are some of the greatest paints for painting interior doors.

  1. Giani Wood Look Paint Kit for Front & Interior Doors
  2. Rust-Oleum 1993502 Multi-Purpose Enamel Paint
  3. Majic PAINTS ​ Diamond Hard Interior
  4. Rust-Oleum Brands Country Gray Chalked Ultra Matte Paint

What Should I Do When Painting The Interior Door?

In modern stores, there is a wide range of paints and varnishes. Your choice of the product to use will depend on several aspects. They include:

Operating conditions of the product. The requirements for paints and varnishes depend on the features of the room where the door is. If the room has a high level of humidity, you will need a composition with good hydrophobic qualities.

The end result. If painting is a way of masking a wood defect or manufacturing defect, it is better to paint it white with paint or enamel. If the aim is to emphasize the natural beauty of wood texture, you will need varnishes and polishes. Let us look at the features of each of these paints below.

What Paint Do You Use For Interior Doors


Paints hide wood defects or installation faults, but make the natural structure of the wood completely invisible.

Choose safe cellulose or oil paint with an artificial olive base. The alkyd formulations are easy to apply, and give the doors moisture resistance. If you need to refresh the appearance of a door that has old paint, the urethane alkyd paint is a good choice.


Varnishes highlight the natural wood structure, are easy to use, and quick to dry.

For interior doors, an alcohol-based varnish that is safe and fast drying is the best choice.


Enamels paint the wood with the right tone, and form a protective layer on its surface.

It is better to apply with a sprayer after mixing the composition thoroughly.

Warblers, Impregnations

They shade the wood, giving it resistance to macro-parasites and fire. You can apply impregnations and mordants under any varnish.

Wax compositions and oils are easier to apply with a brush, while applying the paintwork in 2-3 coats. Furthermore, alcohol compositions and nitro compounds offers you instant drying..

Having chosen the type of suitable paintwork material, it is also necessary to know all the differences of using these products. It will ensure ensure efficiency, reliability, and the best results.

Preparation of the Interior Door Leaf for Painting

The key to a successful interior door painting is proper preparation. The initial stage of the event is to dismantle the product and remove old paint with your own hands.

You should remove old interior doors from the fasteners using a method that depends on the type of hinges used in the construction.

Once you remove the door from its hinges, unscrew the handles, locks, and removable decorative elements.

Clean the door from the old paintwork material. You should carry out this stage with a construction hair dryer. It will help to gently remove the remnants of the old paintwork. Moreover, it ensures you do not damage the structure of the wood.

Attention! Do not use solvent or sharp objects to remove old paint. It is not possible to clean the surface in this way, and you are likely to damage the structure of the wood.

After removing the old coating, you should treat the material with a sanding machine or sandpaper until the wood is even, dry, and clean as possible. If there are dents or other defects, you can remove them by applying a putty, which you must then sand.  Then, apply a coat of primer mixture on the prepared surface.

In order to avoid damage to other surfaces in the process of painting, you should tape them with paint tape. This way, you will ensure that the glazing and fixed decorative parts retain their original appearance.

Furthermore, it will prevent you from having to wash them against splashes, leaks, and accidental paint strokes. Once you finish painting, you can remove the duct tape without leaving a sticky residue.

What Paint Do You Use to Cover Interior Doors

In order to coat the door with an even and beautiful color, it is necessary to ensure a high-quality puttying and grinding of the leaf surface. You do this with further application of a single or double layer of primer. Keep in mind that pneumatic sprayer allows you to apply an even coat of paint.

If you apply the paint with a brush, you should choose the right brush depending on the density of the finishing composition. When applying paint or enamel, you should hold the brush at an angle of 45⁰ to the surface of the fabric.

To paint the canvas beautifully, you should apply the paint in several layers. After the application of the first, one should wait until it is completely dry. Then proceed to the application of the next one.

If you distribute the the first layer on the surface in the direction along the wood fibers, then you should apply the next one in the transverse direction. In some cases, you should sand the the first layer before applying the second layer.

Allow the fabric to dry completely before re-linking it to the hinges. To protect the box from accidental fresh paint ingress, seal the joint area with the fabric. This also preserves the new door leaf coating from accidental contact with the frame.

Do not forget! wear personal protective equipment when using finishing paint. For example, you should wear gloves, goggles, and a respirator.


Before painting the interior door yourself, determine what visual result you would like to achieve. If you want to conceal wood defects, paint or enamel is the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize the natural beauty of wood, give preference to varnish.

Finally, remember to follow the correct steps during the preparation of the surface and application of paints and varnishes. This way, your newly painted interior door will delight you for many years.

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