what top coat to use on chalk paint

What Top Coat to Use on Chalk Paint – Discover the Best Options

Do you want to know what top coat to use on chalk paint? An important part of working with chalk paint is the subsequent sealing. Without sealing chalk paint, it will be susceptible to soiling, and will not stay as beautiful as on the first day.

But what can you can you seal chalk paint with? Basically, there are two options here: Varnish or wax. Which option you should choose depends on these factors:

  • Which finish you want to achieve
  • The kind of stress the furniture is exposed to

What Top Coat to Use on Chalk Paint

Sealing of Chalk Paint

Coatings dry much faster and have a higher durability. They are therefore perfect for sealing chalk paint on surfaces that permanently experience high loads. An example would be a tabletop on which people cook and eat every day, and which therefore, has to withstand daily cleaning.

Moreover, if you seal furniture with wax, it becomes dirt-repellent, and protects the chalk paint during normal use. However, very frequent cleaning can dissolve the wax in the long term. With very stubborn stains such as wine, tea or fatty food, the protective layer of the wax can also reach its limits.

But when and why should you use a wax to seal the chalk paint? You should seal furniture that is subject to normal wear and tear with wax without hesitation. For example, you should seal bookcases, small side tables, or chests of drawers.


Sealing chalk paint is not difficult. You should first select the paint. Make sure you use the flat brush for this. It is also possible to seal chalk paint if the you apply the paint is in thin layers with a paint roller.

Make sure you stir the paint thoroughly before use. That is because this is the only way it will develop maximum strength and durability. It is best to stir several times even when you’re painting. With two coats, you can achieve longer durability

Our tip: Dilute the first coat with about 10% water. Then let it dry for an hour, and now apply the second coat, this time with undiluted varnish. This way, you will achieve a great result.

By the way, lacquer dries very quickly – after only 48 hours it is completely hardened and the piece of furniture can be used again as usual.

Seal Chalk Paint with Wax

In order to be able to seal chalk paint while maintaining the unique chalk paint look, it is best to use a wax, as already mentioned.

You apply the wax either with a wax brush or with a cotton cloth. Please make sure that the cloth does not lint. Moreover, it is important to massage the wax slowly and thoroughly into the surface.

Do not take too much wax, because then it can happen that the wax layer cannot harden properly or takes much longer than you expect. Work slowly with the wax, and prefer to work smaller areas, one after the other.

This way, the wax will not dry before you have completely spread it. The wax needs about 21 days to cure completely. During this time, you should not load or use the furniture. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. When the wax is dry, you will have successfully sealed your chalk paint.

You can mix all waxes with each other to enhance or reduce effects.

Conclusion – Sealing Of Chalk Color and Subsequent Care

If you have sealed your chalk paint, the furniture is basically well protected. To ensure that this remains so for many years, you should avoid aggressive chemicals when caring for the surfaces. These can attack wax and varnish in the long term. Instead, use warm water with a little mild detergent or soap.


























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