Choosing Paint Colors App

Choosing Paint Colors App – Discover the Best Choices

You may be looking for the best choosing paint colors app guide. That is because painting the house can create many dilemmas for those who want to do this work at home. For example, you have to decide which type of paint is more appropriate. You may also want to know which colors combine better with each other.

Moreover, you have to know how well the color you select will look in the room. These are just some of the most frequent doubts you will have when painting. Fortunately, we will tell you about the best apps for choosing the color of your walls.

Nowadays technology is within our reach to make our lives easier. Believe it or not, apps for smartphones are not only for spending hours playing games. They are also very useful tools for the home that can help you when it comes to painting the walls of your home.

Choosing Paint Colors App

5 Top Apps

Color Smart

With this application, you can take a picture of the place you want to paint. In addition, you can choose the color you want, and see a preview of how the final result would look like. It is also very useful if you saw a color you liked at a friend’s house, or even in a shop.

That is because just by taking a photo, Color Smart will tell you the name of the color you are looking for. Further, it will help you to calculate the amount of paint you need to paint the wall.

Glidden on the Go

The application has 10 collections of shades and when you choose one, it allows you to look for different color combinations.

The interesting thing about this app is that it suggests which type of paint (matte, satin) is the best choice. That is depending on the wall material, even if it was previously painted.

Choosing Paint Colors App – Valspar Project Paint

This application has a wide range of colors organized by shades. You can use them you as a suggestion or keep in a palette made by yourself with the colors you see and that suit your tastes.

Moreover, this app allows you to calculate the amount of paint you need. It also provides a list of the materials you will need to carry out your painting project.

Color Snap

Sherwin Williams launched this amazing application. It allows us to capture what surrounds us to use as color palettes. Color Snap also makes adjustments in saturation, brightness, among others, to find the right color.

Alba Visualizer

This innovative app from the Alba paint brand works with augmented reality, and allows you to see in real time the result. For instance, through your tablet or smartphone, you will see how the final finish of the wall you want to paint would look like.

To see this result, you should just place the device in front of the wall. Then, you should select the shade you want, and move the electronic device. You will see how the wall looks along the room.

Further, you can also save the color of an object or a piece of furniture, and then try it out in the space you want. Alba Visualizer also allows you to cut out the wall to design using different colors.



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