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Fast Drying Paint for Exterior, Indoor, and High Traffic Surfaces



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Fast Dry Paint by Sherwin-Williams for Walls

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Fast Dry Paint for Metal Surface, Walls

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Pittsburgh’s Fast Dry Paint for Concrete

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Activa Fast Dry Paint for Metal Surfaces

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FastDry Fast Drying Paint for Interior Walls

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USSC Fast Dry Paint for Heavy Traffic Floor

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Skipdash Fast Drying Paint for Crafts

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Protek’s Fast Dry Paint for Ceiling, Interior Walls

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Fast Drying Spray Paint for protection Against Rust

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RTG’s Fast Drying Paint for Metal, Kitchen Walls

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Fast Dry Exterior Paint by KILZ for Bathroom Walls

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Extremely Fast Drying Paint by Behr for Doors, Walls

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RTG Concrete Floor Paint

The RTG concrete floor paint is your best bet if you are looking for a paint that dries fast. Each layer dries off in a few minutes or hours. The paint is great garage floor paint, because of its water-based, acrylic formula.

It leaves a smooth finish, apart from drying fast. The resulting floor is waterproof, resistant to automotive fluids, chemicals, and tire marks. Hence, it’s easy to clean, and one of the best fast drying paints for home decor.

KILZ – Quick Drying Paint for Stairs

KILZ is a one-part epoxy floor paint that dries to touch in 2 hours. A water-based paint leaves a satin finish that is resistant to chemicals and oils. It is therefore highly recommended for application on garage floors.

KILZ formulated it as concrete floor paint, and you should not use it on your walls. It is also okay is you use it as a trim paint.

Rust Oleum Epoxy Shield

Rust Oleum chalked is a linen-white colored paint that dries to touch in 30 minutes. This paint leaves a velvety smooth look, and it is a great exterior door paint of choice. With its low VOC, it has low odor, making it ideal for your interior paintwork.

The latex formula composition allows for an easy clean with soap and water. You can use it to paint all kinds of interior doors as well.

TA Paint Ltd – Fast Drying Floor Paint

TA paint is made of polyethylene material that makes it non-slip and is therefore a perfect paint for stairs. It has impressive adhesion abilities and you can apply it on wood, concrete, brick or metal.

Dulux Weathershield Quick – Dry Gloss Paint

Dulux Weathershield is a thick paint water-based paint. It dries fast within an hour, and makes a great choice for your outdoor paint needs. The thickness of the paint leaves a solid firm and smooth finish. Therefore, it is excellent for exterior paint jobs, and for hiding imperfections.

Activa Photo Deco – Quick Dry Outdoor Paint

Activa Photo Deco paint dries fast, and it does not fade when exposed to sunlight. Since it is a low VOC paint, it gives little odor. Its other important feature is it hides the imperfections of any wall. That makes it excellent interior wall paint for home and office decor.

Dulux Quick Drying Gloss Paint for Wood and Metal

If you are looking for a quick drying paint for wood, the Dulux quick drying gloss paint is an excellent choice. This low odor paint gives an awesome looking finish, without a need for an undercoat. It is suited for both your interior and exterior wood paint jobs.

Behr Quick Dry Oil-Based Wood Finish

Behr Wood Finish is based on transparent fast drying paint for wood. It has the fastest drying time, gives a smooth finish. It offers protection from moisture, and is therefore ideal for your external paint needs. Furthermore, it protects the painted surface from UV light, making it an excellent outdoor paint.

Rust Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover

Rust Oleum Ultra Cover is quick dry wall paint that adheres well on wood, metal, brick, and concrete surfaces. This low VOC is a great choice for walls, because it has low odor, and does not chip easily. Its thickness hides the imperfections of any surface, and gives a luxurious paint finish.

KILZ Premium Paint for Walls

KILZ premium is a quick dry wall paint that has impressive adhesion abilities on most surfaces. It is a low VOC and odor paint. It also has anti-mildew properties. That makes it an ideal choice paint if you are living in humid areas. KILZ premium is thick, which allows it to cover imperfections.

It is also a good choice for a color change on your walls. It also does a superb job in concealing porous surfaces, and other surface imperfections.  

Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel – Fast Drying Paint for Metal

Rust-Oleum is a quick dry enamel oil based paint that dries in 2-4 hours to a smooth finish. You can use it on wood, metal, and concrete surfaces. You can use it to protect surfaces from scratch, chipping and rust. It is also UV resistant, and prevents the painted surfaces from fading away.

You can also use it as a fast drying paint for cabinets, decks, or crafts. Overall, you can use it to protect exterior wood surfaces, outdoors.

Speed Color – Fast Dry Concrete Paint

Speed color is a fast drying concrete paint that dries to touch in 2-10 minutes. It comes in a range of 24 different colors, giving you a range of color options for your concrete walls. The paint is also UV resistant, so any concrete surfaces you paint with Speed Color will remain vibrant for longer.

Pittsburgh Fast Dry Paint Review

The Pittsburgh paint fast dry is one of the quickest drying paint. It has excellent adhesion properties, making it the best choice painting smooth surfaces. You can get virtually any color you want, as this fast dry paint has up-to a thousand color variations. And I like the way it dried fast, without cracking.

Types of Quick Drying Paint Sheen (Finish)

  • Flat
  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Pearl
  • Satin
  • Semi-Gloss
  • High Gloss

You need fast dry paint in a production environment. It helps when you want to paint and pack your products within a few hours. You may also need quick dry wall paint, if you want to paint your new home, and move in possibly the same day.

And if you want an Eco-paint, or you are avoiding strong odors, then a fast drying water soluble paint will work great.

Fast drying paints use activators to trigger the drying and hardening process of the binder. That allows the quick drying paint to dry artificially faster, than they would naturally.

Like most people, you may be painting because you are redecorating. In that case, you want to know what kind of finish, the fast drying paint will give you. For instance, you may be after the high gloss finish of fast drying latex paints.

Often, fast drying paint will give you a flat finish or matte finish, if they are fast drying water-soluble paint. In addition, if they contain Acrylic Resins or Acrylic Resins, you can expect to get a semi-gloss or high gloss finish.

Alkyd resin fast drying paints and polyester quick drying paints also provide you with a nice pearl, satin, or eggshell finish. Often, the paint canister will have details about what sort of finish the paint will dry out to.

Some of the fast dry paints brands include Pittsburgh, Latex-ite, SherwinWilliams, Richard’s, Rust-Oleum, Chrome Paint, SkipDash, Pinty Plus Evolution, SealMaster, Krylon Black, and Fast Dry.

Some of the places you can buy quick dry paint include Amazon, Vistapaint, Homedepot, SherwinWilliams, Zoro, Lowes, Overstock, International, and Grainger.

Generally, once you use a fast drying paint, you will never go to a slow drying paint again.

How Long Does It Take Paint to Dry?

You can expect a fast dry paint to dry in 16 minutes or less. However, some fast dry resin paints, such as those based on acrylic, may take up to 30 minutes to get the dry to touch point.

What’s in Fast Drying Paint

In this article, we have grouped fast drying paint according to resin (binder) used. The resin is that part of the paint that holds the paint’s pigment in place. We will also mention whether paint’s resin has volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or not.

Once you apply any paint to a work surface, it either evaporates or chemically bonds to the work surface. If it evaporated, then it may give a strong odor, compared to one that bonds onto the surface.

Obviously, you want a fast dry paint that bonds onto the surface, such as Rust-Oleum or Chrome Paint

The other two important components of a quick dry paint are its carrier agent and the paint’s pigment. A paint carrier holds the pigment and the resin in suspension, while the pigment as expected gives the paint its color.

Fast Drying Paint Resins

In summary, we can group fast drying paints into six major paint resin categories, which are:

  • Epoxy Resin Paints
  • Acrylic Resin Paints
  • Alkyd Resin Paints
  • Polyurethane Resin Paints
  • Vinyl Ester Resin Paints
  • Polyester Resin Paints
  • Polycarbonate Resin Paints
  • Silicone Resin Paints
  • Polyamide Resin Paints
  • Phenolic Resin Paints

How to Choose Fast Dry Paints

Fast drying paint is suitable for a particular surface only. Therefore, when choosing a quick drying paint, you have to think of the type of surface you want to paint first.

After that you can start thinking of paint price, scratch resistance, paint washability, resistance to cracking, and of course its Eco-friendliness.

You won’t have to worry about a paint’s lead content, because none of the brands contain lead anymore. It’s illegal to make lead paint for home use, as it contaminates the environment, as it degrades over time.

With that in mind, let’s look at various quickest drying paints for different surfaces. When I talk of a surface, I mean the type of material you intend to paint.

The most Common surfaces that you can paint with fast drying paints include drywall, ceiling, iron, plaster wall, concrete, aluminum, and wood.

Types of Quick Dry Paints

If you are painting a floor, then you have to use a fast drying floor paint that can withstand high traffic, as well as loads. Furthermore, you may want to use a primer, to give the quick drying floor paint additional strength,

In that regard, I would recommend you choose the following paints:

  • Resincoat High Build, for fast drying epoxy floor paint
  • Eco Paint and Crown Paint for use as a fast drying concrete floor paint
  • International’s Ultra Tough Durable as fast drying garage floor paint

Fast Drying Paint – Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make paint dry faster?

You can make your paint dry faster by using a quick drying paint, and applying your paint in thinner coats. Quick drying paints dry within 30 minutes after application, and cure in less than 2 hours.

Furthermore, applying the quick dry paints in thin coats ensures the paint molecules get exposed to air. That cures them much faster, than when you apply the paint in a thicker coat.

However, the advantage of a fast drying paint is even with a thicker coat of paint, it will still be dry to touch within 30 minutes. And they tend to emit less or no VOC. That makes the quick dry paints for use indoors.

But if you have already used regular paint, and you didn’t use thinner coats, then just airing the room can shorten the drying periods. Fast circulating warm air speeds up the drying process by hastening the chemical processes to cure the paint. That’s why some recommend you blow warm air over the paint.

What is the quickest drying gloss paint?

The quickest dry paints include Pittsburgh’s fast dry paint for concrete, Sherwin-Williams paint for walls, and Dulux paints for walls and metal surfaces. We have outlined them and other quick drying paints, in the table above.

How long does Home Depot paint take to dry?

Home Depot doesn’t manufacture paints. But some of the brands we have outlined above, dry within 30 minutes to 2 hours after application. The method of application also affects how fast they can dry.

In that regard, if you spray paint or use a brush, the paint will dry faster, than if you paint with a roller. It is easier to paint a thinner coat, if you use a brush or paint sprayer, compared to using a roller.

How long should you let paint dry?

You should let your paint dry for at least 2 hours, if you are using a fast drying paint. But if you are using a regular paint, then you should give it at least 24 to 48 hours. That will give it time to dry-to-touch.

Furthermore, if the paint isn’t a low-VOC paint, then you should let it dry for 72 hours. Unlike low-VOC paints, regular paints can be harmful if you inhale the volatile organic compounds.

Why is my paint sticky after drying?

Your paint may feel sticky after drying because it hasn’t cured yet. Paint dries in two stages. First it dries-to-touch, whereby the paint’s surface  ceases to be wet, even though underneath, it is still viscous and wet.

However, after about 2 hours, a quick dry paint will not be sticky after drying. It will have cured, which will make it harden, and lose the sticky feeling of a wet paint. Paints such as Skipdash’s fast drying paints are another good example of fast drying paints.

It will be dry to touch within 2 hours after painting. Please check the listing above for some of the fastest drying paints for different surfaces.

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