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Best Paint Sprayer for Trim and Baseboard – Sprayer Buyer Guide for DIY






Graco Magnum

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TACKLIFE Spray for Painting Trim

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Graco Magnum

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Graco Magnum

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Wagner Spraytech

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Cordless NEU MASTER Electric HVLP Trim Spray Gun

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What is the best paint sprayer for trim? Well, we recommend that you use an airless paint sprayer to paint trim, because it will give it that fine and sheen look. You may also opt to use a brush to apply the primer, and the first coat of trim paint, before you give it the final coat of paint using trim paint sprayer.

Best Paint Sprayer Brands for Trim

Some of the best paint sprayer brands for trim include Wagner paint sprayer, Earlex Trim paint sprayer, Graco paint sprayer, and HomeRight paint sprayer. You can use these trim sprayers to paint different types of trim materials, such as aluminum trim, wooden trim, and even plastic trim.

Most brands make both the airless and pneumatic paints sprayers for trim, so if you prefer a particular brand, you can still get both types of paint sprayers.

Airless Paint Sprayers vs Pneumatic Paint Sprayers

The airless paint sprayers tend to give a thick and uniform (homogeneous) spray. However, the pneumatic trim sprayers are more efficient than the air sprayers. In that regard, if you are doing a home project, then you can use the airless sprayers to paint trim.

If you are doing a trim painting project at a medium to massive scale, then you should choose the pneumatic (air sprayers). The efficiency you get from using pneumatic sprayers adds up fast on a big scale.

The paints savings you get for using an airless paint sprayer outweigh the benefits you get for using an airless sprayer on a small scale.

Pneumatic and Airless Paint Sprayer Brands for Trim

The popular and best Airless Paint Sprayer brands for trim include Earlex, Graco Magnum, HomeRight, Campbell, YATTICH, TACKLIFE, Tilswall, Scuddles, and Wagner. These brands make the handheld paint sprayers that are corded or cordless.

You can opt to spray paint trim with a corded paint sprayer, or use a cordless paint sprayer. The cordless paint sprayer for Trim is great for trim spaces in corners, or for use outdoors when painting outdoor trim.

For portability and environmental reasons, you will find that most brands make electric trim paint sprayers. It is rare to find a paint sprayer that is gas powered, but for large-scale projects, you can get one. However, you should be prepared to pay top dollar for them.

How to Paint Exterior Trim with A Paint Sprayer

Step 1: Mask Adjacent Surfaces

The first step is for you to mask adjacent surfaces with tape. That will protect them from spillovers, while you spray paint the trim surface.

Step 2: Spray the Paint on Trim

Start spraying paint on the trim, by making advancing vertical strokes, as you advance forward, to create a uniformly sprayed surface. Repeat the spraying after you spray paint the trim to the end, and decide to give it a second coat of paint.

However, you will not need to do that, if you start with primer paint.

Step 3: Remove the Masking

Gently remove the masking, after the trim paint has settled for about an hour. It will still be wet, but it will not be dripping, and it won’t form paint tear marks.

How do you paint interior trim with sprayer?

The process of painting interior trim is similar to that of exterior trim. However, with interior trim, you need to Mask the surrounding surfaces, and move your furniture away.

If moving your furniture or carpet away is not an option, you can cover it with disposable plastic covers.

Can You Use A Paint Sprayer For Trim?

Yes, you can use a paint sprayer on trim, and for interior trim, we recommend the handheld airless sprayers. If you are spraying in tight spaces, you can buy the handheld cordless sprayer, from brands such as Graco Magnum, or Wagner. HomeRight is also a good choice for a pneumatic trim paint sprayer.

Is It Better To Spray Or Brush Trim?

It is best to spray paint trim, instead of brushing it, if you want to get a uniform look, with some sheen and shine. Using a brush requires you to make some fine paint strokes to get a smooth finish, without the appearance of brush marks.

However, brush-painting trim will save you some paint, at the expense of you working for longer hours. In that regard, we only recommend using a brush to paint trim, for small paint jobs only.

How Do You Paint Trim With A Spray Gun?

Step 1: Prep the Trim Surface

You can paint trim using a spray gun in three simple steps. First, you have to cover or mask the surfaces around the trim, to protect them from the trim paint overspray. Next, if you want to prep the trim with a primer, you can apply it first.

Step 2: Apply Primer

You can apply the primer on trim, or spray it. After that, you have to clean and dry the gun spray or brush. Alternatively, you can use a new set if you have two gun sprayers or brushes.

Step 3: Spray Trim

Next, you can fill the gun spray reservoir with trim paint, and start spraying. You may work from the inner section of the trim, and move outwards. The best practice is to spray by making advancing vertical zigzag strokes.

Step 4: Remove the Masks

Once you finish painting trim, give the paint at least an hour to air out. Next, carefully remove the masking from the surrounding surfaces.

Do You Spray Trim or Walls First

The best practice is to paint the walls first, and give the time to dry. After that, you can go ahead, mask the surface of the wall closest to the trim, and then paint the trim. However, if you choose to spray paint the trim first, then you have to cover it entirely, when painting the wall.

Conclusion – Best Sprayers for Painting Exterior and Interior Trim

Overall, for DIY trim projects, a sprayer such as the Cordless NEU MASTER Electric HVLP Powerful Spray Gun, or the TACKLIFE Trim Paint Sprayer will do the job.

But if you are going to be painting Trim on a regular basis, then go for the Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer, or the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Trim Sprayer.

Painting trim on a small DIY project is different from doing it on a commercial scale. Whether you are looking for a paint sprayer for your business or DIY, we hope you found this Trim Paint Sprayer guide to be informative.

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