How To Paint A Room

How to Paint a Room Perfectly – The Best 7 Steps to Take

Do you want to know how to paint a room? Simplify your task by painting in the right order. That is by following the steps below.

How to Paint a Room

The Steps

  1. Choose Your Material Carefully

First, define the shades that you will dress your walls.  Then, equip yourself with all the necessary equipment. Make sure you have acrylic paint (water washable), or glycerol paint (for surfaces with stains and holes) in sufficient quantity.

In addition, you should have an architect undercoat, detergent, plaster, and sandpaper. Also, make sure you have a paint tray, grill, protective sheet, and newspaper.

Other things to have include a masking tape, white spirit (if you use glycerol), stepladder, and not forgetting a roller and a brush.

  1. Arrange Your Workspace

In order to paint your room as comfortably as possible, make sure you remove everything from it. If you can’t get rid of everything, group all your furniture together in the center of the space to give you as much room to work as possible.

Then cover the floor as well as your furniture with a protective tarp, remove curtains, and decorative objects hung on the walls. You should then mask with an adhesive tape all surfaces that you will not paint.

They include edges of beams, baseboards, windows, and door handles. Also, remember to mask switches, electrical outlets, locks, and more.

  1. How to Paint a Room – Prepare Your Surfaces

The quality of the final result depends on the preparation of your substrates. They must be smooth, clean and dry.

Start by washing all the surfaces you will paint in your room, before rinsing and drying them. Fill holes and cracks with a special coating, then when everything is dry, sand with sandpaper.

To prepare your walls without sanding, if your surface is clean, and to guarantee the optimal adhesion of your paint, we advise you to apply a coat of paint remover.

  1. Remember To Protect Yourself

Wear a mask, gloves, and possibly safety goggles if you are painting with glycerol or using a paint remover, and ventilate your room well.

  1. Paint Your Room in a Specific Order

Golden rule: Always paint from top to bottom to avoid splashing on previously painted surfaces.

Start with the ceiling, then walls, windows, doors, and finish with baseboards.

  1. Apply Paint to Your Tools

After mixing your paint well to even out its texture (it is always thicker at the bottom of the pot), pour it into a tray and dip your roller on half of it. Remove the excess using the grid, making sure that the paint does not accumulate at the ends of the roller.

  1. Set up Your New Space

Once the paint dries, you should remove the adhesives and tarps, and now arrange your furniture. You can change your furniture placement, decoration, style, and everything to finally be able to relax in your new living space.


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