Painting Over Peeling Paint Exterior

Painting Over Peeling Paint Exterior – The Causes and Solutions

Are you searching for an informative article on painting over peeling paint exterior? The peeling paint phenomenon often affects matte paintings. As they are less impermeable than satin or gloss paints, they react by flaking rather than blistering.

It is often on the ceiling that we encounter this problem of flaking paint, since we paint it with matte paint. Let us look at the causes.

Painting Over Peeling Paint Exterior

The Causes

  1. The Use of a Low-End Paint

A low-end paint has limited adhesion. If you prepare your surface poorly or if you apply a renovation coat, there is a good chance that the paint will flake off quickly.

  1. Applying Water-Based Paint over Oil-Based Paint

A water-based paint does not adhere to an oil-based paint, especially if it is glossy. Generally, water-based paint will “slip” off the old paint.

This is an advantage because you will quickly realize the mistake. But sometimes, it may adhere slightly, and in this case the paint will flake over time. That is because the adhesion will not be optimized.

  1. Painting Over Peeling Paint Exterior – Lack or Bad Preparation of the Surface

The paint may peel if you prepare the surface poorly, for example, you fail to apply an underlay. Before applying your paint, remember it may not adhere.

  1. Drying Too Quickly

Painting at high temperatures causes the paint to dry too quickly, and it will have very limited adhesion. It is important not to paint in direct sunlight and above 25°C.

What to Do When Paint Flakes Slightly

If the paint flakes slightly, a light scraping with a scraper or wire brush depending on the surface is necessary. Then proceed with sanding to level the surface, apply a suitable undercoat, and then apply the paint.

Painting Over Peeling Paint Exterior – What to Do When Paint Flakes On the Entire Surface

If the paint flakes strongly, you must bare the surface, either with a paint stripper or by sanding. It is essential to apply an underlay adapted to the surface. Then apply the finishing paint.

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