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Sherwin Williams Paint Grades – Three Important Facts to Consider

Do you want to know what is Sherwin Williams best paint? Imagine you are facing two gallons of paint. The gallons do not contain the same product, but they have the same color and type of product. Would you know what information to look for, to make the right decision about which Sherwin Williams gallon is best for your operation?

If the answer is no, or you often compare two similar products, you need to understand some basic characteristics. These are the qualities Sherwin Williams use to grade their Paints.

  • Pigment concentration by volume
  • Performance
  • Color

Too often, the final price of the product is discussed before its full capabilities are understood. Understanding these three concepts will help you in the future to make informed, price-conscious decisions.

What are Sherwin Williams Paint Grades

Pigment Concentration by Volume

For each gallon of paint, only a percentage of the coating remains on your substrate. This is called the pigment volume concentration. The rest of the contents of the gallon evaporates, drying out the coating. The wet coating that is first applied shrinks in direct proportion to the pigment volume concentration of the paint.

For example, if you spray 6 mils wet, and your coating contains 50% pigment volume concentration, you will get 3 mils dry.

It is important to understand how to evaluate the proper amount of paint needed to achieve the desired coverage and color. If a coating contains a higher pigment volume concentration, it will cover a larger area with fewer coats. This saves labor, time and increases your production flow.


The most durable coatings typically use newer and more expensive resins and additives. They provide increased protection against UV exposure, corrosion resistance and chemical exposure. Less expensive coatings use newer, more affordable technology.

Ask the suppliers of both products about the long-term durability of their product, and the tests performed to validate their claims.

If the longevity of your coating is the most important factor in your decision, the price will likely increase. In this situation, it is important to understand the impact of rebuilding a vehicle versus the initial cost of a more expensive coating. More often than not, it is better to pay for a more durable surface, and avoid the long downtime required to rebuild a vehicle.


The last essential characteristic to understand is the color required. Bright reds, yellows and oranges are among the most expensive pigments on the market. You can save money on these (or other) pigments by using lower quality industrial versions, but they deteriorate much faster due to UV exposure and offer poor masking.

Check the quality of the pigments in your coating options to determine the quality and range of colors available.

Conclusion – Sherwin Paint Grades

Keep in mind that not all features are equal. You should base your decesion on the combination of benefits a coating will provide you. However, there are circumstances in which one feature may be superior to another. The best thing to do is to prioritize in order of importance to your operation – then weigh the pros and cons of competing products.


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    We’re sold on your paint and have been using it for years on the interior. But, confused on what colors to use on our brick 110 yr. old home. Some painters claim to offer design advice but they want to be hired before they give advice. In the end, they are just painters with no design experience or education in that area. We need professional help.
    Do you offer this service at your stores? Please don’t tell us to go to your web site. I’ve tried and cannot make it work. I need professional help either in the store or on site.

    1. Hi Bill,
      We certainly understand why you don’t want to take chances with your precious 110 yr. home.
      Where are you located, may be we can help you find a professional near you.
      Thank you.

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