what are the popular paint colors for 2019

What Are the Popular Paint Colors For 2019 – The Trendiest Shades

Do you want to know what are the popular paint colors for 2019? We renew our houses by changing the color of the walls, or by adding new furnishing elements that give a different shade to our rooms. The nuances available in 2019 are attractive and suitable, as always, to satisfy all tastes.

But we must not leave out, in the choice, a factor of fundamental importance to be sure not to lose in elegance and harmony: the combinations. Let’s see how to match the trendiest shades of this year! The Popular Paint Colors For 2019 include Living Coral, Pink, Sweet Corn white, Toffee brown, Camel, Watery grey, and Caviar black.

Let us take a deeper look at how you can use them to improve your home or office decor.

What Are the Popular Paint Colors For 2019: The Green of Nature Style

If you like the “nature” style, the colors of the autumn leaves can give way to the more decisive, suggestive and elegant forest green. It is suitable for bright environments. Moreover, it is very intense, and  perfect to combine in a bathroom with white and marble.

You can also create a special corner, illuminated by neutral and light colors, or a touch of gold.  Verde Salvia, on the other hand, is a restful and refined shade, suitable for the living room or bedroom.

You can combine it with natural materials such as wood and wicker, with some details, in shades or contrasting, botanically themed.

What Are the Popular Paint Colors For 2019 – Living Coral for a Cheerful and Lively Home

Living Coral, represents this year: a color in a good mood, lively but soft at the same time. It is perfect to bring a cheerful and bright note in our homes. You can choose to use it for the walls of an entire room, playing with light and dark contrasting furniture and accessories.

On the other  hand, you can use it for mixing the shades of spices, in a more ethnic style. You can also create a refined combination with a wall or a boiserie color Blue Whale, a wonderful shade of sea blue, perfect for coral orange.

But you could also just spray your room, if it has neutral tones, with a few strokes of sun: a cushion, a lamp, a painting, a vase.

Soft or Bright, Pink Is the Protagonist

If you like pink, the Pantone shades give you the chance to get out of the “baby romantic” scheme and, with the right combinations, turn it into a new trendy, young and modern color. Whether it’s powdery shades, delicious Mallow or provocative Pink Peacock, combining pink with neutral colors always gives a very elegant result.

You can choose beige and wood for a cuddly atmosphere in the bedroom, dark grey or black for a more sophisticated effect.

Metallic Reflections for Neutral Tones

Even the classic neutrals, such as Sweet Corn white, Toffee brown, Camel, Watery grey or Caviar black, are colors that are usually used in furnishing accessories. However, nothing prevents you from using these new shades for a wall.

The trick is to combine these colors with contrasting elements, daring with the shades of red or blue, or illuminating them with metallic reflections of copper, bronze and gold details.

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